Registered Embossed

For the best laminate available, take a look at our Registered Embossed laminate flooring. The registered emboss adds depth and texture to the finish by bringing out the natural grain and pattern of the wood which results in a more realistic finish.
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Looking for the best possible laminate flooring available? Browse our registered embossed hickory laminate flooring here at Carpetright for some of the most stylish options around.

This range of beautiful laminates looks great in any home, from tradition to modern styles. Choose between wood effect laminate and tile effect laminate for the best option for your home and get unrivalled peace of mind by knowing it is registered embossed for added quality and security.

The perfect choice for busy families seeking practical flooring options for their home, our registered embossed laminate can lift the appearance of any room. Try it in the hallway to make entranceways really impressive or fit it as kitchen flooring to get that extra look of luxury in this central room.