Embossed Laminate

Shop our range of embossed laminate flooring that is hard wearing, easy to maintain and looks beautiful. This wood effect embossed laminate creates a realistic appearance and is easy to install and maintain. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to our high quality embossed laminate.
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Embossed Single plank Laminate

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16 Item(s)
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Are you looking for the most authentic looking laminate flooring around? Then browse our range of embossed laminate flooring available at Carpetright. Part of our wood effect laminate flooring range, it is crafted to look just like the real thing with realistic looking grooves and embossed detailing that's almost impossible to recreate elsewhere.

More than just an attractive flooring option, our hickory laminate and other embossed options are also secure and practical. Easy to clean and safe for use in all rooms of the home, they can give you complete peace of mind while offering authentic styles that don't cost a fortune.

Buy as tile effect laminate online with us today and update your home in an instant.