12 reasons why we love hard flooring

Who would have thought you could get so excited about hard flooring? Us! From luxury vinyl to wood and of course, laminate, our expert team of buyers have searched high and low for the best products. Here, we have compiled just some of our reasons why we love our practical and stylish hard floors.



Impressive Sandblast Oak Beige laminate


Durable and long lasting
Laminate flooring is a lot more durable than other floors, and is resistant to scratches, moisture and wear and tear.

Plenty of variety to choose from The technology available these days means you can find nearly any look or effect on your laminate flooring, so you can get your dream flooring for less!

Easy to keep clean
Really easy to keep clean, all laminate flooring needs is a quick sweep with a broom and a quick once over with a damp mop to remove any stains and to keep it looking in tip top condition. Sounds good to us!


Shop our range of laminate flooring here.

Luxury vinyl

Tegola Elite luxury vinyl in Summer Stone


Renowned for it its durability and scratch-resistant surfaces, luxury vinyl tiles are perfect for nearly every room in your house, especially the homes of those on-the-go!

Whether you’re after a marble effect, a patterned tile or a classic wood look, luxury vinyl tiles will probably have what you’re looking for! 

Easy to maintain
If you want to fit your luxury vinyl tile flooring yourself, then read our detailed guide here to help you on your way. However, if you’re still unsure, we can arrange an independent fitter who will be more than happy to help. Low-maintenance luxury vinyl tile flooring is also really easy to clean — for more information, read our guide here.

Looks realistic
Visitors to your house won’t believe that your floor is a vinyl tile! Sophisticated, classy and practical, you can create an authentic look in your home for an affordable price.

Enjoy bath time with this water-resistant floor; there’s no need to worry about spills or splashes. Ideal for those with young children. 


Shop our range of luxury vinyl here.

Wood flooring

Kahrs Shine Ash Black Bronze wood flooring


Looks timeless
There’s a reason why wood flooring is so desirable — it just looks so good for so long! Whether you have a modern home or more traditional taste, it’s going to look dreamy for years to come.

Luxurious touch
Warmer underfoot than laminate and arriving with layered construction, wood flooring will stand the test of time, even in busy family homes.

Is individual
Much like people, every tree and thus every branch is entirely different. Wood flooring will always have a one-off look; put it this way; you and your neighbor are not going to have the same floor!

Easy to install and maintain
We understand why people get nervous about fitting wood flooring themselves. However, if you do want to give it a try, read our top tips here. If you’re still nervous of doing it yourself, our approved fitting arrangement service can find you an independent fitter! Keeping your wood flooring clean is straight-forward. Simply sweep or vacuum every or every other day. However, we recommend you avoid getting your wood flooring wet at all costs.


Shop our range of wood flooring here.

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