Memphis is the hot trend of the moment, whilst it’s not for the faint-hearted, there’s something easily endearing about this 80s revisit. The original Memphis movement was based on ‘radical, funny and outrageous’ design and a purposeful disregard for ‘good-taste’.  Today, the geometric shapes, Pop-Art colour palette and kitsch feel is right on-trend. This look brings with it the chance to have fun with all aspects of your interiors scheme and bold flooring is a great place to start.

Carousel Twist carpet in Antique Rose

Carousel Twist Carpet in Antique Rose Carousel Twist Carpet in Antique Rose

Carousel Twist carpet in Antique Rose

Discover the vibrant range of colours available for our affordable Carousel Twist carpet; ideal for your lounge or bedroom. Introduce contemporary style into your home and create a bold look with our Antique Rose carpet. Backed by a 7-year stain warranty, this practical carpet incorporates yarn with a higher twist yarn than usual to create a beautifully textured surface that feels fantastic underfoot.

Xpressions Dark Chevron laminate

Xpressions Dark Chevron Laminate Flooring Xpressions Dark Chevron Laminate Flooring

Xpressions Dark Chevron laminate

Give your home a deep and rich ambience with our Xpressions Dark Chevron laminate flooring. A powerful sense of style is brought into your home with deep and dark brown tones emphasising the incredible chevron styled parquet flooring appearance. Brilliant for adding character to your home and creating a great base for a contrasting interior.

Mardi Gras 95 Dots vinyl

Mardi Gras 95 Dots Vinyl Mardi Gras 95 Dots Vinyl

Mardi Gras 95 Dots vinyl

The modern design of the Mardi Gras Dots vinyl flooring will create a real statement in your home. Structured rows of white circles cover the surface of this contemporary black vinyl flooring. Monotone colour enhances the pattern making a bold statement. Easy to clean, this flooring option is a dream for busy family homes.

Mardi Gras 99 (Black) Dublin vinyl

Mardi Gras 99 (Black) Dublin Mardi Gras 99 (Black) Dublin

Mardi Gras 99 (Black) Dublin vinyl

Bring your home to life with our gorgeous Mardi Gras Dublin vinyl flooring. Transform your home in an instant with this black and white diamond pattern. Our Dublin vinyl is anti-slip, meaning it’s both functional and durable, proving to be the perfect flooring solution for modern family homes.

Norfolk Twist carpet in Turquoise

Norfolk Twist Carpet in Turquoise Norfolk Twist Carpet in Turquoise

Norfolk Twist carpet in Turquoise

Introduce a pop of colour into your home with our affordable Norfolk Twist Turquoise carpet. This affordable heather twist carpet has a textured surface that will bring definition into your rooms. Ideal as a bedroom carpet or lounge carpet, this Norfolk carpet has stain-resistant fibres which help it to maintain its original appearance.

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