Transform your living room in 60 minutes

Want to transform your living room in just one hour? We’ve put together our top ten tips to help you make stylish changes in a short space of time. Take your pick to create your own 60 minute makeover.

Get moving!


Rearranging your furniture will immediately change the way your living room feels, giving it a new lease of life. And aside from a bit of effort, it costs nothing! Think of it as a free workout.

Less is more

Get a little closer to the Scandinavian minimalist look by removing furniture you don’t need.


Rearranging furniture also gives you a fresh perspective — take advantage of it.

Take a look around your new living room layout. Are there any areas that feel cluttered? Which pieces of furniture stand out as being unnecessary? If you don’t use it, lose it. Why not take unnecessary things to the charity shop? Or, you could sell items off online and make yourself a few extra pounds.

Lighting for your lounge

Like to relax with a good book? Put a floor or table lamp next to a comfortable chair to create a cosy reading corner.


Another quick way to give your living room a makeover is to play with the lighting.

A major change can start with a simple lightbulb. Low wattage or warm white bulbs can give your living room a cosy feel and a new light shade can channel light to change the mood of the entire room.

Next, think about adding some lamps. Apart from being a nice feature, they give you the option of making the room brighter when needed.

Put a little life into your living room

For more advice on using the art of feng shui, check out our guide to creating a calm space with feng shui.


According to the ancient art of feng shui, you should makeover your room with one larger plant. You’ll avoid that cluttered feeling and ‘purify’ the atmosphere.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A well-placed mirror looks sophisticated and adds the illusion of space.

Mirrors can also help you brighten up any gloomy corners by guiding the natural light that comes through your living room windows.

Make your own photo gallery

Thinking of putting some photos up? Explore some new and interesting ways to arrange them.


Similarly, you can introduce some colour and interest to bare walls with a well-placed photograph, print or painting. You could go for one large piece, but a gallery of smaller pictures can really create a lovely feature for your living room, too.

Redesign your sofa suite the easy way!

Because of their size, sofas have a huge impact on the look and feel of your living room.

If you’ve had your suite for a while you can reinvent it cheaply and quickly with a simple throw. It’s a great way to transform your furnishings without the sewing kit!

Add a rug

Do you know your short from your deep pile? Take a look at our rug buyer’s guide for all the answers and find the right rug for your living room.


You can go for a rug that blends in well with the existing décor or choose alternative bold, yet complimentary, patterns and colours to make a statement.

Once you’ve chosen your rug it won’t take long to put down, and can dramatically improve the atmosphere in your living room.

Create a feature wall

Redecorating all the walls in your living room in 60 minutes might be a bit of a challenge, but picking one smaller wall to turn into a feature wall could be all you need to introduce some character to your space.

Add some cushions

Whether you want to add some big snuggly floor cushions for extra seating, or just to give your old couch a bit of a lift with some smaller ones, cushions allow you to add comfort and colour to your living room, quickly.



Now it’s time for you to get creative and plan your own 60 minute living room makeover. Why not vote for your favourite makeover tip below?

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