How to make your living room more inviting

The lounge is the heart of so many homes. It’s the place where we relax and unwind with our families, but also, according to our recent survey, where around 65% of us choose to entertain our guests. It’s therefore important that your living room is not only comfortable, but inviting too.

This means that when it comes to searching for decoration ideas for your living room, it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure to find the right ones. Of course, how you design your living room space is up to you, but we’ve put together a few top tips to help you create your perfect inviting environment.

Adding colour to your living room walls

When thinking about how to decorate your living room, go for warm, neutral colours on the walls. Of course, you can use bright colours in the lounge, but you want to be careful and try to ensure that the different hues don’t mismatch or become overpowering. The real secret to brights is to use them as accents rather than block colours.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, keeping the colour scheme too plain can actually make your living room appear cold and clinical, so try to avoid all-white designs. A little splash of colour can make the world of difference. For the final finishing touches, hang photos and artwork on the wall, or display them on bookcases. You’ll add some personality to your living room and make the room feel lived in. Accessories really make a room.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon transform your lounge into a stylish setting for some much-needed relaxation after a hard day. It’ll also make it a warm and inviting room, somewhere you can entertain your guests with pride.

Choosing your living room furniture

If you’re in desperate need of some furniture ideas for your living room, these tips are for you. Furniture needs to be carefully considered to ensure your new lounge will be both inviting and welcoming. Remember, you’re not living in a show house!

The first thing to do is measure your living room so you know how much space you have to work with. Next, pick the type of furniture you want and get an idea of how many pieces you can comfortably fit in the area you have. Plan carefully and opt for a layout that encourages interaction.

You’ll also want to decide between materials such as wood, metal, leather and fabric for your tables and sofas. Try a few before you buy to make sure the feel is right and then, when you’re ready, finish off the look with comfy cushions, throws and blankets.

Placing a coffee or side table by the fire with some candles for added ambiance can really help to achieve a homely look, and ensure your guests always feel at ease.

The right flooring for your lounge

The flooring you choose for your lounge will also make a massive difference to the atmosphere you’re creating.

If you choose to have vinyl or laminate flooring throughout your home then we recommend that you add some rugs for warmth, texture and extra style. If you feel like you’re stuck for rug ideas, think outside the box — we’ll cut and edge any of our carpets to make the perfect size and style of rug for your lounge.

Alternatively, you can opt for the carpeted look in your living room. A classic choice, this flooring is still a popular option for lounges. Whether you opt for plain or patterned styles is up to you, but you should match the type of carpet to your specific needs to prolong its lifespan and create a cosy feel. For example, if you’ve got children, stain resistant carpets are a smart choice.

Finishing touches to complete the look

Invest in delicate mood lighting. Illuminating a living room correctly is a matter of balance. Get it wrong and your guests could end up feeling like they’re under interrogation! Spotlights and lamps work well for creating the right atmosphere, but you can also experiment with dimmable wall lights for something a little different.

For accessories and other decorative elements, try and embrace homely touches with photos, trinkets and vases of fresh flowers. These are all associated with the typical image of “home” and are sure to have anyone feeling comfortable and welcome as soon as they step through your door.

Need help creating a comforting lounge area? Get a free home consultation to receive tips on what flooring would best suit your lounge.

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