Dining in style: Transform your dining room today

The dining room is often neglected when it comes to decorating. In the summer months we prefer to eat al fresco, and, in the winter, we tend to have dinner on our laps in front of the TV and fire. But we say it’s time we embraced and loved our dining rooms once more! Read on for our favourite ideas that won’t break the bank.

Cover a tired floor with a statement rug


Carpet seen better days? Laminate flooring starting to look like it should be retired? If you don’t have the budget to completely replace your floor, fear not, as we have a selection of stylish and practical rugs that you’ll love! Not only will a rug hide stains and holes, they’re also great for creating zones in your room and making it feel cosy.

Introduce plants

Even if you’re not green-fingered, house plants are easy to look after and will add an instant style update to your dining room. Whether you suspend them from a beam or ceiling, opt for a huge pot in the corner or scatter several small ones around, your dining room will look and feel stylish, fresh and inviting!

Drink up!

Drinks trolleys are all the rage right now. From Gatsby-inspired Art Deco designs to modern, industrial ones, Instagram has ensured that these retro items are back with a bang! Accessorise with vintage teapots and china for an afternoon tea feel or embrace the on-trend tropical theme with metallic pineapples, flamingoes and neon signs.

Talking tables

Keep your dining room looking photo-shoot ready by never leaving the table bare. Dress it with plates, opulent wine glasses, floral displays and best of all, eye-catching table runners or covers to really show it off.

Mirror, mirror

It’s so simple, yet so effective. Track down a statement mirror, hang it on the wall and voilà, your dining room will feel bigger, brighter and trendier. Trust us.

Take a seat

Never overlook the importance of good, comfy chairs. However, just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they can’t be on-trend, too! We’re loving mismatched chairs, luxe velvet ones and high-backed classic designs at the moment.

Feature wall

Some say the feature wall is dead – we disagree! Keep your flooring simple and let a statement wallpaper, mural or paint colour do the talking.

Walk all over this

If feature walls are not for you, then have you thought about a feature floor? From dramatic prints to statement stripes or pretty floral patterns, we are championing the return of a patterned carpet! Keep décor and accessories minimal to avoid making the room look too busy.

Bold blues

From a pale powder blue to a vibrant turquoise or deep navy, this versatile hue shows no sign of slowing down. A striking vinyl floor complements a minimalist dining room perfectly.

Light up

A dramatic, eye-catching light or lampshade is an easy way to create a focal point in any room, but it will certainly speak volumes in a dining room. Whether you go for an oversized chandelier, a cluster of lights or a bold statement, this finishing touch will be the icing on the cake.



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