Design your own modern kitchen with these 5 stylish ideas

Looking to update your kitchen? Be inspired by our selection of striking modern kitchen ideas to incorporate into your home.

Luminous statement lighting

Are you after modern kitchen lighting ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Good kitchen lighting needs to serve two purposes: bright and shadow-free task lighting for safe cooking and prep work, and atmospheric lighting to create atmosphere and make the space more inviting.

There are so many stylish lighting options these days – the sleek and minimalist spotlights are still proving popular – neat, tidy and bright, they look especially good in a modern kitchen with glossy cabinets and smooth worktops. But with different trends appearing, there is so much more to choose!



A cluster of statement pendant lights suspended above an island or dining table look fantastic in kitchens with high ceilings – they can act as a focal point in large spaces and help differentiate the dining space from the work zone.


Statement chandelier

This idea may seem a little out there, but if you’re going for a glamorous look, then adding a dramatic chandelier to your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to do this.


Cabinet spotlights

Add some extra lighting to your kitchen with spotlights underneath the cabinets – or, if you really want a futuristic look, fit LED strips into the gaps between the work surface and the units to create a floating effect and add extra illumination.

Flooring goals

Finding and choosing the right floor for your kitchen is harder than people think – you want a floor that looks good, but is also hard-wearing, water-proof, slip and scratch-resistant and able to handle a certain amount of heat.



Believe it or not, carpet is still an extremely popular flooring option for the kitchen. Often one of the busiest rooms within the home, the kitchen needs flooring that can overcome the demands of everyday home life. We sell easy-clean, moisture and stain-resistant kitchen carpets, so you don’t have to only go for hard-flooring in your kitchen.



Perfect for heavy traffic rooms and for rooms that may have many a spillage, vinyl flooring will bring comfort and warmth to your home – and most of them work well with underfloor heating! Hard-wearing and slip-resistant, we have wood effect vinyl flooring, tile effect vinyl flooring and some amazing statement patterns to add interest to your modern kitchen.

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tiles have truly got it all; beautiful, yet tough, the designs replicate a wooden or tiled floor incredibly authentically, but without any ongoing maintenance and with amazing functionality. Cosy and warm underfoot, LVT is simple to install and incredibly easy to keep clean. Just like bathrooms, kitchens have long been associated with vinyl floors. Any spills can be quickly mopped up leaving no residue and the stain resistance of these tiles means no unsightly marks are left behind.


You have to make sure that you get the right laminate floor for your kitchen – not all are suitable for use in the kitchen! However, ones that are suitable for kitchens are great as they can handle any spillages or dropped food. Super practical and with a wide range of designs to choose from, kitchen laminate flooring will give you functionality as well as gorgeous styling.


Wood flooring

As the closest thing to solid wood flooring, engineered wood will bring you a beautiful high-end finish and a luxurious feel underfoot. As kitchens are not as humid or wet as bathrooms, they are ideal for wood flooring. You’ll get a beautiful finish and any spillages can be cleaned up simply with a microfibre or well-wrung mop.

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Sleek stone islands

The perfect finishing touch to any modern kitchen is an island – not only do they look good, add interest to a kitchen and break up the space, creating zones, they’re also practical. Whether you use one for storage, for your sink or to simply to store those bottles of wine, more and more contemporary kitchens with islands are appearing on our Pinterest boards.

The great thing about kitchen islands is that they make a style statement whether you have a classic and traditional Shaker style kitchen or a more contemporary one. You can choose from wood, marble, steel or MDF to name a few, and for many you can customise the worktop too! Marble worktops are currently reigning supreme, but you can’t go wrong with granite, wooden or laminate tops too.

Contemporary cabinets

Your kitchen should be a place of inspiration and creativity – how else will you dream up exciting and new recipe ideas? However, it’s difficult to be adventurous with your cooking if your surroundings are dim and dare we say it, boring. We’re not saying you need a whole new kitchen, in fact, just making some simple changes could really make the world of difference!

Refresh dark cabinets with a coat of crisp white paint that will instantly brighten up a tired kitchen. If you’re bored of white, why not look at on-trend grey, navy or perhaps a country cottage style sage green? If you want to dip your feet into modern but don’t want anything too slick, how about opting for a bright paint, such as a pink or aqua blue to really make an impact?

If you’re tired of your cabinets and want to replace them all together, then go for it! If your cabinets are in good condition, you can replace the doors and handles. Modern, sleek, handle-less kitchens are popular as they work well in small and large kitchens. From glossy cabinets to matte finishes, these ultra-modern kitchen designs are reigning supreme.

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