Top 5 family kitchen design ideas

The kitchen is the hub of the modern day home, bringing family members together over cooking, conversation and countless cups of tea. But we all know how tough it can be to keep your kitchen looking swish during the fast-paced nature of family life.

That’s why we’ve put together five top tips to help you create a high impact, low maintenance kitchen. Here are the easiest ways to give your kitchen a new lease of life, without compromising on familial practicalities:

Country kitchen colours

Even if you live in the city, take inspiration from traditional country kitchens to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Use cream and beige paint for the walls and choose warm woods for your kitchen furniture and décor to create the ultimate cosy feel. A honey wood effect vinyl can complete a country kitchen scene with ease, or for added luxury and authenticity, choose oak wood flooring.

Safe non-slip flooring

With kids running around, pets on the loose and the occasional elderly visitor, it’s more important than ever to choose a slip-resistant flooring. Spillages are unavoidable in the kitchen, so to prevent any nasty accidents, make sure you choose a certified slip-resistant vinyl tile (pictured above), or luxury laminate flooring. That way, you can count on your kitchen to be stylish and safe, whoever’s doing the cooking.


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Child friendly cabinets

If you’ve got kids and pets, we say embrace the rustic look! The secret to this look is finding the beauty in imperfection. Choose cabinets with a distressed, stained or antiqued surface, as these textures will mask any smudges or sticky fingerprints until you’re able to give them a clean. Echoing interior trends like scandi, this effortlessly chic look is easy to maintain and can be painted over if you decide on a change.

Sleek, smudge-proof surfaces

If shabby chic just isn’t your thing, there’s plenty you can do to get a fresh, modern look that’s also resilient. Start by using a sleek, semi-gloss paint on your walls, as it’s easier to wipe away unwanted smears and sauces than a matte paint. Go for a slightly textured worktop to help hide fingerprints, such as honed quartz, leathered granite or even concrete, for an understated, minimalist alternative.


Not sure which colour scheme to go for? Test out different shades on your kitchen walls and flooring with our visualiser tool.

Open plan, open opportunity

Create a real communal feel with more space to socialise, by merging your kitchen with adjoining rooms. This way, you can chat while you cook, keep an eye on the kids as you clean, and even eat while you work. It’s no wonder these kind of layouts are becoming so popular, as they open up a whole world of opportunity for social gatherings, parties and family dinners, whilst giving you the power to get creative with your space.

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