7 ideas for small hallways

Hallways are your home’s way of making a good first impression, so putting some thought into how it looks is worth the effort.

Even a small entrance hall can have a big impact, so let’s take some inspiration from Pinterest, let’s take a look at some big ideas for small spaces. 

Make the most of every space

Making use of the space around and above your stairs adds a cosy vibe and displays your trinkets and collectables, but it doesn’t add clutter to important throughfares.

Half the size, double the space!

If there’s a console table you just love, or you just need a handy surface, there’s no need to compromise on account of a small hallway. Saw a table in half and secure it to a wall. Handy, unique storage and display area, without blocking your all-important hallway. 

All things light and beautiful

Brighten even the dimmest hallway by clever use of colour and décor. Even without natural light, neutral decorations and pale flooring keep things bright. Mirrors also encourage even the smallest glimmer of light and shine it all around the room, and they make the space look bigger too.

Clever storage

Why hide your belongings when you can show them off AND showcase a stylish wardrobe at the same time? This modern take on the traditional coat and hat rack is super clever, neat and compact. And it’s a great solution for tidying your shoes away.

Make a statement

We love this idea of making the most of a space — and what a way to make an impact! The simple monochrome theme is complemented by a subtle green hue and a neutral floor stops the look from appearing overwhelming.

Mirror, mirror

Does your entrance hall have a dead end? Why not introduce a mirror instead? Not only will you double the appearance of the hallway, you’ll brighten it up by elevating the light too.

Waiting room chic

A clean and sleek scheme, we love the idea of creating a small sitting area in your hallway. Perfect for waiting guests, if you’re chatting on the phone or even for when you’re putting on your shoes, the handy storage units and on-trend prints make this area pretty and practical.

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