7 ideas for small hallways

Hallways are the first thing you and your guests see, so it’s important to make sure it’s looking its best — as they say, you can’t make a first impression twice! And even if you only have a small entrance hall, there’s still plenty of fantastic ideas and hacks around. So, without further ado (and with a little help from Pinterest), we present these genius solutions to your small space problem!

make the most of every space

A great way to display your favourite trinkets, books or prints you’ve collected from over the years, utilizing the space around and above where your stairs are won’t clutter up any rooms unnecessarily and it make otherwise redundant spaces look cosy and homely.

half the size, double the space!

If you’re in desperate need of a console table, but your entrance hall is narrow, then consider this fabulous idea. Simply saw or chop a table in half and then secure it on to a wall. Voilà , handy storage and display space, without clogging up the entire room!

all things light and beautiful

Hallways don’t always get a lot of natural light but you can help any space appear lighter and brighter by decorating in neutrals and keeping flooring and accessories light. Adding mirrors will also encourage light to bounce around the room and will make your hallway appear larger than it is.

clever storage

The obsession with hiding away all of our belongings is long gone — and if you’ve got a stylish wardrobe to show off, then even better! This modern take on the traditional coat and hat rack is extremely clever — neat and compact, it also has a fantastic solution for shoes!

make a statement

We love this idea of making the most of a space — and what a way to make an impact! The simple monochrome theme is complemented by a subtle green hue and a neutral floor stops the look from appearing overwhelming.

mirror, mirror

Does your entrance hall end with a solid wall? If the answer is yes, then why not take up one wall with a mirror? Not only does this double the appearance of the hallway, but it will also bounce light around and create a cool, contemporary look.

waiting room chic

A clean and sleek scheme, we love the idea of creating a small sitting area in your hallway. Perfect for waiting guests, if you’re chatting on the phone or even for when you’re putting on your shoes, the handy storage units and on-trend prints make this area pretty and practical.

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