6 of the best coloured hallway carpets

Your hallway floor is probably the hardest-working living space in your home. It’s the first thing your visitors see and, most probably, the highest traffic area. Adding a splash of colour here will not only create an inviting atmosphere but also add a vibrant personality to the hall. Read on for plenty of fresh ideas and inspiration!


Brampton Carpet Brampton Carpet
Here we have used our Carpetright Visualiser Tool to show you how two different Brampton carpets look on the stairs! Try it for yourself!


Offering plain and patterned options, the Brampton collection would make the perfect introduction to your home. Add a feminine touch with the floral pattern, or go for modern chevrons or classy diamond design, each crafted to enhance your room. Suitable for heavy domestic use, it will add a stylish touch to your entrance hall.


Condo Carpet Condo Carpet

You’ll fall in love with the striking patterns and rich assortment of colours in our exciting Condo Wilton carpet collection. Choose from bold hexagonal repeats to playful polka dots. Whichever design you choose, you can rest assured knowing that the durable construction of this gorgeous, patterned carpet makes it an ideal investment for busy households and families.

Fine lines

Fine Lines Carpet Fine Lines Carpet

The Fine Lines carpet is sleek, modern and timeless all in one. Made from wool, it is Scotchguard protected to ensure stain resistance, and blends long-lasting durability with luxury to transform your floor. The high quality 3 ply wool yarn of this natural loop carpet has a bounce back fibre construction, making it perfect for a hard-working hallway!


Gleneagles Carpet Gleneagles Carpet

Classic meets contemporary with this classy tartan design. A traditionally woven Wilton carpet that’s easy to clean (perfect for hallways), it’s ideal if you want to inject an air of sophistication and style into your entrance hall. Oh, and did we mention that this is stain-resistant?


Rossini Carpet Rossini Carpet

Bring a little colour and pattern into your home with the Rossini Carpet. Its decorative design makes it great for busy areas of the home due to its hard wearing, resilient construction.

You can choose from the Pin dot or Fleur de Lys patterns from our well-regarded Rossini Carpet range and give your home the finish it deserves.


Ultra Carpet Ultra Carpet

Shake up your interior with the Ultra, a bold striped Berber Wool carpet that is sure to make an impact in your hallway. Available in an array of colours with two distinctive stripe patterns, the Ultra Wool is a great value Berber carpet that uses a thicker yarn to ensure it can meet the demands of a busy family home.

Check out more of our fantastic carpets that are suitable for the daily wear and tear of the hallway, stairs and landing here.

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