The beauty of stair runners

A stair runner is a classic solution to carpeting your stairs and allows tons of room for creativity with your choice of colours and patterns. It’s a great choice for so many homes.

Choosing the perfect flooring for your stairs is a tough task. In most homes, your choice will be one of the first impactful visuals they see in your home.

That’s why the design material and fit are all essential to get right.  

Things to consider when choosing a stair carpet

When it comes to flooring for stairs, you’re definitely not short of options.

  1. Stripped wood can bring a little nature into your home by showcasing the beautiful grain in the wood your stairs have been crafted from.
  2. Painted stairs are simple, yet elegant.
  3. Finally, there’s the familiar warmth and comfort of a stair carpet.


Stairs take a lot of traffic. From repeated trips up and down throughout the day, to pets and vacuum cleaners…there’s a lot going on.

While stripped back stairs can look amazing, you need to consider whether removing your carpet is going to remove peace and quiet too. Your once quiet stairs could become an inadvertent drum kit as your household traverses up and down more times a day than you want to hear!

Carpet runners for stairs — the best of both worlds

Brintons Padstow Candy Spot Carpet

Thankfully there’s no need to choose between the quiet chic of carpet and the bold impact of stripped-back stairs.

Take advantage of both options, without compromising on style, with a stair carpet runner. It’s like a rug, but for your stairs.

Like a rug, but for your stairs

A stair runner is a strip of carpet fitted to the middle of your staircase. Unlike the fully carpeted option, runners aren’t as wide as your steps — leaving some of the wood visible to keep a natural look (and wow your visitors, of course).

Like a rug on a hard floor, you get the simple and stylish look of paint or varnish combined with the quiet comfort underfoot and stylish woven patterns that only carpet can offer.

Whip those edges into shape

Whipping is the process of binding carpet edges to keep them neat. It also keeps your carpet looking great for years to come by preventing fraying over time.

If you’re laying carpet elsewhere in your home, we can plan your stair runner fitting economically by making it from an offcut. Alternatively, you can choose a full width carpet and we’ll cut it to size for you.


The things to think about when choosing your stair runner carpet


Function: Durability

Staircases see a lot of traffic, so you need a carpet that’s tough but still looks good.

Thankfully we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding a hardy candidate. Take a look at our range of carpets online or in store — each one recommended for stairs and landings because of their durability.


Form: Consider striped carpet for stairs

Of course you want your stair runner to last a long time, but it also needs to look good. You need a style that’s as enduring as it is durable.

Striped carpet is a great choice for stairs. Stripes enhance the angles for an incredible visual impact.

Don’t take our word for it. Why not check out Visualiser? You can experiment with a wide range of patterns and styles, and even upload a picture of your own home to try out.



Measuring and fitting carpet is tricky for all rooms, even more so when it comes to stairs thanks to the many angles and corners. Our helpful fitting guide should help steer you through your project.

Or if you’d rather leave it to us, one of our flooring experts will happily come to your home and do all of the measurements for you. This is an especially good idea for stairs, halls and landings.

Stair rods, carpet grippers and more

If you’re fitting your carpet yourself, we have a range of handy accessories, like carpet adhesive and grippers to help you get the job done.

Why not add a finishing touch with some extra stylish stair rods? These decorative metal batons sit at the base of each step. In addition to keeping your stair runner in place, they also add another visual punch to bring your hallway or landing together.

Get dreaming!

Instagram and Pinterest are oozing with style inspiration. We can’t wait to help you get started and are here in store or online, whenever you’re ready.

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