Carpetright survey results: Are we jealous of our neighbours?

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Think nosy neighbours are a thing of the past? Think again! We launched a survey to find out how many of us, fuelled by the green-eyed monster, are prone to pinching interior design tips and tricks off our neighbours. Surveying 2,000 men and women of all ages all over the UK, we discovered how much time and money goes into “keeping up with the Joneses” (spoiler alert: quite a lot!) and pulled a variety of stats, ranging from the percentage of people desperate to sneak a peek into their neighbours’ gaffs to how many have been inspired by the home furnishings of others.

The cost of comparison

Pinching your neighbours’ design tips can be quite pricey to say the least! Our study revealed that homeowners have spent, on average, £169 in the last year on copying the interior styling of people they know. In addition, we found that the region which spends the most on home-based changes is Northern Ireland, with 17% of participants declaring they’ve spent a hefty £1000 stealing their neighbours’ design ideas. 

If, however, your neighbours’ design choices simply don’t float your boat, our Home Transformation Hub is chockful of inspiration ideas.

Spruce up your flooring

Even though a third of homeowners decided to upgrade their boring flooring after seeing a neighbour’s, we were floored to find out that only 15% of participants feel there is competition within their neighbourhood to have the nicest home or garden. A huge 77.65% also declare they never steal design tips from their neighbours… could they be sprucing up the truth a little?

When it comes to flooring, Carpetright have got you covered too. Our flooring planning guide offers all sorts of tips and tricks to help you choose the best material while our budget planning guide ensures you get the most for your money.

Nosy and proud

But flooring isn’t the only thing that prompts the arrival of the green-eyed monster; 57% of participants who have managed to sneak a peek into a neighbour’s house felt “green-eyed” about their garden design. What to do if this happens? Head on over to our artificial grass range.

And what about the possessions that are nothing to write home about? According to the survey, men are least likely to envy wallpaper choices (13.65%) and women are least likely to envy a neighbour’s television (8.9%).

Who lives where?

We spoke to three friends with different design tastes and asked them to describe the interior styling of their houses. Watch the video below and try to guess who lives behind which door based on their descriptions (and if you feel inspired to give your home a mini makeover afterwards, take a look at some of our interior stylist’s top tips and tricks).

Where are britain’s nosiest neighbours?

From jealous Welsh dwellers to nosy London homeowners, our study reveals some surprising statistics about UK householders. Discover which regions are desperate to sneak a peek into their neighbours’ homes and nab their interior design ideas.

More home truths on homeowner envy

Not only did our study open the door to surprising stats about the UK’s nosiest neighbours, but it also lifted the lid on which rooms leave us most in awe. For those of you keen to inject some vibrancy into your rooms, Carpetright offers colour palettes and design tips and our Home Transformation Hub is full of advice for achieving your dream home.

But some of us feel unable to roll out the red carpet and make those bold interior design changes we so desire. Why is this? Read on to find out, as well as our top 5 furnishings.

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