Energy saving ideas

We’re here to help transform your home but we can do more than just provide you with styling tips and inspiration.

Energy costs are increasing, so we want to help you to make your home as energy efficient as possible by providing guidance on getting the most out of your new floor. We’ve handpicked some of the most energy efficient carpets to help keep your bills down.


Which flooring is best to keep the heat in?


Carpet is a good choice for heat insulation, because it feels warm and cosy and can work in conjunction with an underlay to provide excellent heat insulation.



Which carpet is best to insulate my home?


Each carpet has a tog rating. Just like a quilt, this measures thermal resistance; how easily heat can pass through. The higher the tog rating, the better the heat insulation. Generally thicker, denser carpets have a higher tog rating but this can vary according to the way that the carpet is made and the fibre used.

How will underlay keep my home warm?


Underlay works wonders to retain the heat in your home. It not only provides support for your carpet by adding an increase of 30-50% to its lifespan, but it also adds another layer of insulation meaning less heat will escape. Just like carpet, each underlay has a tog rating – the higher the tog rating, the better the heat insulation – helping reduce your bills!

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In addition to the tips on this page, we’ve also got a range of helpful care and buying guides to help you find the dream floor and save on your bills this winter. If you need expert advice, you can pop into your local store or call our friendly team.

22nd November 2022 - Written by Paul McSweeny