12 reasons to buy a Westex carpet

Looking for a new carpet?  Here are 12 reasons why you might want to choose a Westex carpet from Carpetright.


1. Best possible components

Premium wools from around the world. With long fibres to prevent shedding, piling and matting. Bright fibres for vibrant clear colours.


2. Appearance retention second to none

2 & 3 fold yarns to prevent pile reversal not due to footfall.


3. Healthy option - unique dust mite treatment

Treated to prevent dustmites - the healthy option for asthmatics. Unique dust mite treatment.


4. A deodorant for the carpet

Actiguard - for ultimate freshness and protection, neutralises pet odours and prevents the build-up of bacteria.


5. Zero moths - total protection

Mothproofing - environmentally friendly treatment for moth proof carpet.


6. Easy to care for

Stain Resist keeps carpet looking newer for longer. Giving window of opportunity to treat spillages and give peace of mind.


7. Can be fitted in almost any location

Westex carpets are suitable for domestic use and most contract areas meaning they can be fitted in almost any location.


8. Largest colour bank on the market

Westex carpets come in 120 standard colours making it the largest colour bank on the market.


9. All the colours of the rainbow

Westex have a Special Dye Service for a unique colour. 40m2 plain colour, 1 width. Find a colour you like? They can match it.


10. Save money with matching widths

Widths available in: 1m, 3.66m (12ft), 4m, 4.57m (15ft) & 5m. All products available with texture and colour matching widths.


11. Speedy delivery nationwide

Fast nationwide delivery and first class service.


12. Best of British

Made exclusively in the UK.

28th April 2017 - Written by Laura Ewart