What underlay do you need for laminate floors?

So, you’ve decided to refresh the look of your home for spring and what better way than with one of our beautiful laminate floors?

laminate flooring at carpetright_mini


Image shows wood effect laminate flooring

Wood or stone effect, laminate flooring creates cool, clean lines on which you can layer any colour furniture or rug for a stylish appearance.

As such a stylish addition to your home, you’ll want to protect your laminate to ensure it lasts the test of time. This means investing in the right underlay to act as insulation and form a barrier against barrier.

silent sound laminate underlay_mini


Image shows Silent Sound laminate underlay

So, which underlay is right for your laminate floors?


It’s wise to choose a rubber or foam underlay with a laminate floor as most laminates tends to be used in busy, high traffic rooms. Our range of laminate underlay is hardwearing; an especially important feature in areas such as the kitchen or living room where there’ll be a lot of activity.

UNDERLAY carpetright_mini


Image shows Elegance underlay

Our Elegance underlay is the perfect choice for all rooms and will help cushion your feet and absorb a lot of the noise made when walking on laminate floors. It also has the added bonus of cutting your fuel bills by insulating the room for better heat retention.


What you lay beneath your flooring has a significant impact on the lifespan of your floors. Make sure you invest in high quality flooring and underlay to get the best value for money from your investment.

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