Top tips to stop your mobile phone getting between you and your sleep

Would you describe your mobile as an essential possession that aids all aspects of your daily life? While you might find that mobile phones are both necessary and helpful, they can also cause a certain level of disruption – particularly to your sleep.
Statistics have shown that 91% of the world’s population now own a mobile phone – a staggering figure. A study founded by Mobile Manufactures Forum deduced that mobile phones delay and reduce sleep, and can even cause headaches and confusion.
In light of this, we aim to offer some advice to help you get a good night sleep free from the perils of your mobile phone.


Using electronics just before going to bed can stop your brain from switching off and impact the time it takes us to fall asleep. Therefore it is crucial to give yourself a break from your phone before bed by doing the following:
– Have an electronic cut-off point: it is tempting to lie in bed playing on your phone or tablet but replacing this late night activity with reading a good book can give your brain a chance to rest and settle down for a good night’s sleep instead.
– Keep your device away from your bed: this will help you avoid the temptation to check texts while you are drifting off and if you place your phone face down then you won’t be disturbed either by flashing lights from notifications.
– Keep your phone off or on silent: this will prevent you from being disturbed by late-night calls or texts but shouldn’t interfere with any alarms you have set on your phone.


The bedroom should be a private place of rest, relaxation and enjoyment. Some other tips you can follow to ensure your bedroom becomes your sanctuary are:
– Ban checking work emails in bed: now that there are so many ways to remain in contact, it can be difficult to get away from your working life but banning work activity in the bedroom can create a private haven which will aid a good night’s sleep
– Buy an alarm clock: they may seem old fashioned but they will minimise reliance on your phone as they will allow you to detach completely from the device and can even be a quaint if not stylish addition to your bedroom.
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