Top tips for getting the children to bed

Never underestimate the importance of establishing solid sleep patterns for your children. A good and comfortable night’s rest will impact positively on their physical and emotional development but unfortunately getting them to bed isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

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Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to help establish a solid bedtime routine.

Here are our top tips for getting your kids to bed!


The ideal way to encourage children to enjoy a good night’s sleep is by sticking to a bedtime routine. Following a regular routine will help to create a relaxing bedtime. Many young children respond well to the reassuring nature of set routines too.

Children need time to wind down at the end of the day. Following a set schedule for bedtime and sticking to consistent timings will enable your children to anticipate certain activities and associate them with settling down to sleep.

Likewise, allowing children to contribute to their own bedtime routines can create a comforting sense of control. Some children may be fearful of sleep time separation, so including them in the process can empower them and provide crucial comfort.

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It’s also important to remember that once in bed, children are unlikely to fall asleep immediately. Playing quietly for a while or looking at a favourite book can be a helpful and comforting distraction before dropping off to sleep.


Wind down with a warm bath, followed by a clean and comfortable pair of pyjamas that allow free movement throughout the night.

Bedroom interiors can inspire children’s imaginations, stimulate sweet dreams and promote a sound night’s sleep too so why not choose character bed covers featuring their favourite animated friends to encourage them to hop happily into bed.? You can even involve your child in the design of their bedroom so that you’re sure it’s something they’ll enjoy.

An inviting bedroom atmosphere with soft lighting, cosy bed linen and crucially, a comfortable bed, will all contribute positively to a successful sleep routine.

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A new bed, with a comfortable and supportive mattress is essential to accommodate the needs of your growing child so make sure you shop for something suitable.

Likewise, limit bedtime exposure to the television. Artificial light lowers melatonin levels and can trick the body into believing it’s wide awake. Young children are often unable to recognise their own tiredness, so avoid exacerbating their protests by limiting TV time and other digital stimulants.

As much as possible, the bedroom should be a calm and uncluttered environment. Reading a book together is the ideal way to end the day as sharing a special story or concocting a home-grown tale will bring pleasure to both parties and help to create a blissful bedtime.

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