Are sleep positions a factor when buying a mattress?

Shop carefully when you are selecting a new mattress and always buy the best one that your budget allows.

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There are many schools of thought around the perfect mattress in relation to the sleeper’s body type and physical condition.


There is some truth in the connection between a mattress and our individual needs and physical conditions but there are no conclusive scientific findings. Really, choosing a mattress is down to personal preference, which is usually determined by the way we sleep!

Your sleeping position can really make a difference to the type of mattress that you buy so follow our tips to help you find the perfect mattress and determine how your sleeping position affects your choice.


People tend to adopt this sleeping position unconsciously because they suffer from lower back pain. “Stomach sleeping” means that minimal pressure is placed on the spine.

The aim here is to use a firm mattress which is stiff so that the body will be well-supported. A mattress that encourages a sunken position is probably not the best choice.


This is by far the most common type of sleeping position. An ideal mattress for this position is one that’s slightly soft so that the body can sink comfortably into it. This also accommodates the natural curve of the spine with ease providing more comfort. It’s important that the mattress doesn’t put any pressure onto the hips and shoulders and that you’re supported while you sleep.


Choosing an ideal mattress for this sleeping position is a tricky balance. It can’t be too soft but neither can it be too hard. A mattress which is too plushy will not provide good spine support and one that’s too firm will push against the spine and will aggravate it throughout the night. Therefore choose a mattress that’s somewhere in-between the two.


If you fall into this category of a combination sleeper, which is where you sleep in different positions throughout a single night, then you must choose your mattress carefully to offer a delicate mix of both firm and soft.

Memory foam mattresses are always a popular option as they mould to your body, giving you the support you need regardless of what position you take while asleep!


Making a mattress choice can be very personal and usually takes some thought and time. Don’t expect to find what you are looking for in one shopping trip and be sure to research your options to ensure that you choose the best mattress for you.

If you’re sharing your bed with a partner then remember to take their sleeping position into account and find a mattress that caters to both your needs.

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Top Tip: Remember to try before you buy! We are bed experts that are happy for our customers to lay on a bed before they purchase. So, be sure to visit your local store today and ensure that you’re making the right choice for you.

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