Pitch for a pitch with Carpetright artificial grass


The sporting summer has already kicked off with the Euro 2016 football championship in France, so you’ll no doubt be hearing the phrase ‘pitch like a carpet’ over the next few weeks.

If anyone knows anything about carpets, it’s us. And now you can replicate the look in your own outdoor space, thanks to our stunning new collection of lifelike artificial grass.

Read on for more about benefits of artificial grass, and how you can win your own garden makeover in our latest competition.

Artificial grass

Benefits of artificial grass

Fake grass is now becoming a popular option for gardens up and down the country.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to replace turf in your garden with a fake lawn. Here are just a few of the benefits of artificial grass:

  • Low maintenance – There’s no need to mow, weed or treat your artificial lawn as with real grass
  • Looks great all year round – Fake grass remains a lush green colour all year round, unlike the real thing which becomes muddy in winter and a scorched yellow in summer
  • Saves water – You don’t have to water your artificial grass, so you can reduce the amount of water you use; ideal during a hosepipe ban or if you’re on a water meter
  • Hard wearing and durable – Artificial turf can be played on, walked on and stood on without wearing down, making it a long lasting option for your garden 

Who is artificial grass good for?

Almost anyone can benefit from installing synthetic grass in their garden. Its versatility means it’s a great option no matter what your circumstances.

Young families

If you’re a parent with a young family, you’ll know just how messy playtime can be – especially in the garden. But with fake grass, there’s no mud and dirt, which means no dirty footprints from the little ones’ shoes when they run inside!

Pet owners

Dogs and cats are known to leave muddy paw prints on floors after being outside, which could be reduced if you have artificial grass. In addition, artificial grass doesn’t discolour like normal grass when a pet does its business outside.


Many people love gardening, but for others it’s a total hassle. Artificial grass greatly reduces the time you need to spend tending to your garden. No more mowing the lawn!

Busy professionals

Lots of us lead busy lives, and juggling work and social events is a tough enough task without having to spend time maintaining the garden. With an artificial lawn, you don’t have to worry about setting aside time to weed or cut the grass.

People who struggle with mobility

If you find it hard to get around or are less mobile than you once were, gardening can be a real struggle. With artificial grass, you can concentrate on enjoying quality time outdoors without having to care for a real lawn.


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