Do I need underlay for my floor?

Whether you’re fitting a new carpet or changing your room to laminate flooring, there are many considerations you’ll have to make about how everything fits together. One question you’re sure to end up asking yourself is whether or not you need underlay. Here we look at the many reasons why it’s a vital inclusion.


If you want your carpet or laminate to last longer and wear more evenly, then what you lay beneath it is very important. Decent underlay provides an extra layer of insulation to keep your house warm. If you have small children then it’ll cushion them whilst they learnt to walk as well as provide more comfort underfoot too.

Underlay also absorbs furniture marks left in carpets and can be used under laminate to sound-proof your home.

lounge carpet and underlay


Image shows grey carpet from Carpetright

NOTE: Old underlay can become worn, which causes your carpet to bunch up and allows dust or dirt to penetrate the carpet fibres.


While the general benefits of underlay are clear, it is important that you select the right option for your home. This means choosing underlay designed for specific rooms (or foot traffic) and flooring types.

Here we go through the main options:


The lounge is one area of the house where the whole family is likely to spend a lot of time. Underlay should be thick to help absorb indentations left by heavy furniture and traffic. Also, it should offer durability and good insulation.

Underlay that is made from recycled foam and rubber are great, sturdy options and can even help you save money on your heating bills thanks to the insulation they provide. We recommend Royale underlay for living rooms as it is 10mm thick and boasts a tog rating of 2.91.


children's bedroom carpet and underlay


Image shows Super Twist carpet

You may not spend as much time moving around in your bedroom as you do in your living room, but you still want your carpet to feel comfortable. A medium comfort underlay is ideal for upstairs rooms whilst a durable rubber underlay can help protect your stairs and landing from wear and tear.


Underlay isn’t just for carpeted rooms but for spaces with laminate flooring too. Your kitchen and bathrooms need vital protection. Moisture can be easily trapped underneath if you leave your laminate without insulation so you need to find suitable underlay to cope with these requirements.

laminate underlay_2


Image shows light wood effect laminate flooring

Silent Sound underlay is a great option underneath laminate and comes with a built-in waterproof membrane which makes it ideal for use in rooms that see a lot of moisture.


With all these benefits, the need to invest in underlay is clear. It keeps your floors looking as good as new and helps retain heat and reduce energy consumption. So, be sure to make underlay a priority whenever you replace carpets or laminate.

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