The 20 most interesting places our customers slept this summer

Earlier this summer, we launched a campaign to find out some of the magical and mysterious places you’d spent the night.

We were overwhelmed with the response to the #ThisSummerISlept competition. You have slept in some truly incredible places this summer; places we didn’t even know existed! Some of the entries suggest that you rested in more questionable surroundings, but we had great fun looking at all your makeshift bedrooms and luxury beds.

To celebrate the weird and wonderful response to our competition, we’ve decided to share some of our favourite entries.

After much deliberation, the winner was eventually announced as Jamie; keep reading to find out where he slept this summer to capture the prize.

But first, let’s take a trip around the globe, as we look where some of you managed to find yourselves resting during the summer.

#ThisSummerISlept on UK shores

Many of you found stunning corners of the UK to get your head down over the summer. Here are just a handful of some of the fantastic British bedtimes you enjoyed…

1. Jane Orford shared this photo of her granddaughter catching some well-earned rest in her Jumperoo. It’s a hard life!

2. Laura had this cracking view from her tent in North Wales.

3. Roz Tabberer was at one with nature, sleeping in this beautiful bluebell woods.

Roz Tabberer sleeping in the bluebell woods


4. Louise O’Carroll enjoyed a luxury stay in this gorgeous London suite.

5. Toni Stokoe was relegated the hallway floor after her pet dogs took over the bed!

6. We’re jealous of Kelly Louise’s relaxing break in this hot tub in York.

7. Deanne Orchin managed to catch some Zs – with a view – on these Welsh beach’s sand dunes.

8. It was a rainy affair for Angela Pagan, who slept on the banks of Loch Lomond. Some view though!

9. Natalie Bradley enjoyed a night in this fantastic handmade tipi.

Natalie Bradley's handmade tipi


10. And Linda also found an unorthodox to grab some rest; inside this giant shell on Clacton beach.

 #ThisSummerISlept further afield

Others of you went to foreign lands this summer, and enjoyed some stunning views at bedtime. Here are some of our favourites from your travels…

11. Wendy Taylor slept on board a boat, as she “sailed through magical Halong Bay, Vietnam”.

Wendy Taylor asleep on a boat, Vietnam


12. Samantha Mann got some rest on the water with this amazing endless blue view.

13. This huge blue bench was an opportunity that was too good to turn down for Cat Thomas in Piedmont, Italy.

14. Becky John enjoyed a nap with this view of the Sicilian sunset.

15. Jade slept in a hut in Morocco whilst volunteering with disabled children. Great cause!

16. Rachel Dayan enjoyed relaxing on this gorgeous day bed with a view of the Turkish mountains.

17. How about this for a view? Jules spent the night outdoors in the Canadian Rockies, overlooking a glacier. In bear territory, too!

Jules Canadian Rockies sleeping spot

18. Victoria shared her breakfast view of the Elephant Nature Park near Chang Mai, Thailand, where she spent the evening.

19. Calum Skelton really mixed it up; switching between sleeping under the stars in the Utah desert, and in the Canadian snow!

The winner of #ThisSummerISlept

As you can see, there have been some amazing places that our customers and followers have slept this summer.

But we had to have a winner, and the prize of a £500 voucher towards a Carpetright bed is…

20. Jamie, who shared this stunning photo of where he spent the night:

Congratulations Jamie, looks like an amazing experience!

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