Have you got a Princess and the Pea mattress problem?

As you spend a third of your life in bed, it’s important to have the right mattress to sleep on. We have created a mattress guide to help you make that first step to finding your match made in heaven…

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Open-sprung Mattress

An open-coil sprung mattress is one of the more affordable choices available in bed stores. It will easily fit onto any bed frame base and you’ll find that it’s easy to handle. An open-sprung mattress also keeps its shape well, making it ideal for guest beds for occasional use as well as for children’s beds because they may need replacing in a number of years as your children grow up.

Pocket-sprung Mattress

Do you share your bed with your partner? Then a pocket-sprung mattress will provide you with the perfect night’s rest with its supportive structure. Regardless of your shape and size, this mattress has independent springs that support all the critical pressure points of the sleeper.  This is a largely used mattress that provides both partners with heavenly comfort night after night.

Memory Foam Mattress

Britons’ favourite mattress type is a memory foam mattress. Originally invented for astronauts by the NASA, this memory foam material is unique in its response to the temperature and pressure of your body. It is therefore able to mould to you, providing unique and flawless support while you sleep. Its only downfall is that it’s warm to sleep on.

Latex Mattress

If you enjoy sleeping on a firm foundation and a cool night’s sleep then latex mattresses are for you. They are known to be one of the most durable mattress types available, making them a great investment. Also, ideal as a hypoallergenic choice because mattresses made from latex are breathable and naturally dust mite repellent. Often you will find that they provide orthopedic support.

Mattress Type Combinations

Did you know that some mattresses come with a combination of support systems and fillings? For example you will find the comfort of a memory foam top layer with a pocket-sprung mattress structure online and in our bed stores.

Top Tip: Spend as much as you can on your perfect mattress option because your well being is on the line!


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