Flooring Accessories Buying Guide

Helping you to achieve a high end, professional finish every time you lay a new laminate, carpet or vinyl floor, our range of carefully selected floor accessories will help you to both fit your flooring choice with greater ease, as well as extending the life of your flooring.

From rolls of protective underlay to stylish rugs and laminate beading to carpet grips, Carpetright has everything you need to transform your floor and your home. What’s more, as all of our flooring accessories have been specially chosen by us, you can be confident that you’re getting a fantastic product at a great price.

1. What are the different types of flooring accessories?

Underlay Flooring

One of the most important flooring accessories in our range, underlay will help you to insulate your home, provide a solid base for your floor to rest on and ensure that your laminate or carpet stays looking great for as long as possible.

1-_0099_underlay at carpetright


Our stylish collection of specially selected rugs will help you to add a sophisticated finish to your space. Match the style and colour of your rug to the other soft furnishings in your room or choose a bold eye-catching design and let it be the centre of attention.

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2. Why do you need to have flooring accessories?

Flooring accessories are an essential part of the Carpetright product offering, and will help you to both achieve an attractive and hard-wearing finish. Our high quality products are specially designed to make your life a little easier as you transform your home’s interior.

What are the benefits of underlay flooring?

As well as giving your new carpet or laminate floor a flat, firm and level surface to rest on, underlay will help to insulate your home; keeping warm air in and cold draughts out. Underlay will also help to prevent noise travelling around your property.

Does all flooring need laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring can be used to great effect in any room in your home. From kitchens to bathrooms and living rooms to bedrooms, you can transform your interior quickly and cheaply with laminate. However, vinyl flooring and carpets are still popular options and can be fitted throughout your home to make the most of the full flooring range available.

What do rugs add to a room’s décor?

Depending on the style, size and colour of the rug you choose, it can add anything you want to a room’s décor. From bringing a bold splash of colour into the room to giving you somewhere warm to rest your feet, from protecting your floor from wear and tear to adding a focal point to the space; a rug can be whatever you want it to be.

Can you use a rug as focal point of a room?

A well-chosen rug will make a fantastic focal point in any room. Whether the space is large, small, full of furniture or minimalist in design, a stylish rug will instantly transform the way the room looks and feels, and create an added warmness.

If you want to use a rug as a focal point, try placing it in the centre of the space, perhaps underneath your coffee table, so it makes an impression as soon as anyone walks into the room.

How do you make sure a rug compliments your flooring?

If you’re placing a rug onto a laminate, vinyl or hard wood floor, it’s almost certain to fit in and look great straight away. If you’re placing your rug onto carpet however, you’ll need to pay closer attention to the colours and patterns contained in both the carpet and the rug to make sure it looks good.

In general, it’s easier to match a rug with a plain carpet, however if you plan your interior well, you can match rugs with patterned carpets too.

3. How do you maintain flooring accessories?

How often should I clean my rugs?

Rugs collect dust, dirt and debris so they need to be properly cleaned on a regular basis. Vacuuming your rug two or three times a week should be enough to keep it in good condition; although you may want to wash it or use a carpet shampoo once a year or so to achieve a more thorough clean that penetrates deep into the fibres to remove dirt and stains. Always check specific cleaning instructions before using products on your rug.

If you have pets or small children, you may need to clean your rugs on a more regular basis to prevent a build up of hair, crumbs, dirt and stains.

How often do you need to install new underlay?

Though all underlay will need to be replaced after a while, the frequency with which you’ll need to replace it will depend on the quality of the underlay and on its location in your home. Underlay on stairs and in hallways will probably need to be replaced on a more regular basis than underlay in bedrooms and living rooms, for example.

In some cases you won’t need to replace underlay for up to 10 years however high traffic areas may need attention sooner. It’s always a good idea to replace your underlay every time you lay a new floor to keep the surface in optimal condition.

Useful products and accessories


Use carpets in your home for a soft and comfortable flooring that feels great underfoot.

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Laminate Flooring

Perfect for high traffic areas, laminate flooring mimics real wood for an authentic finish that is only a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

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Vinyl Flooring

The practical option for kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl flooring is available in sheets or tiles and is water resistant and scratch proof for a practical flooring solution.

1-_0079_Vinyl Topaz Basaltina Grey

4. Flooring Accessories Safety Advice

In general, rugs, underlay and other flooring accessories are very safe products to work with. If you have small children around, it’s a good idea to keep any packaging out of the way to avoid injury and if you’re working in the vicinity of power tools, ladders or other potential obstacles, you’ll need to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

If you’re laying a rug on a laminate, vinyl or hard wood floor, you’ll most probably need to lay some underlay underneath it otherwise it can easily slip when stepped on and cause an injury.

When cutting underlay to fit, make sure you use an appropriate knife and be careful to avoid cutting through any cables or other objects.

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