Choosing beds and flooring if you have an allergy

Common allergies occur as a result of the every-day toxic fumes, allergens and chemicals in our homes. As more and more people are suffering from allergies like asthma, we are becoming more conscious of the furnishings that we buy for our home. We have a variety of allergy free beds and flooring choices available so that keeping your sneezing at bay is just that bit easier.

Hypoallergenic Beds and Mattress   

Sleeping in an allergy-proof environment ensures that your allergy is less likely to be provoked and cause you a nuisance in your day to day life. Dust mites, dirt and allergens that prompt reactions hide is soft surfaces including your bed and mattress. That is why we have a selection of beds and mattress that will help you get a heavenly night’s rest!

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Best Flooring Options for People with Allergies


Allergy-prone individuals, including asthmatics, usually shy away from fitting carpets in their home completely. However, did you know that removing carpet from your home doesn’t actually help many allergy sufferers? Carpets are known to attract the allergens that cause problems, but this can sometimes be positive because they are not in the air to provoke reactions.

To prevent dirt, dust mites, mould and pet hairs regular maintenance needs to be undertaken. This means vacuuming no less than once a week, using powerful cleaners. Most allergy-friendly carpets are those that come with the tightest and shortest pile possible, like Twist carpet, having less places to harbour allergens, dust and pollutants. Steam cleaning will also without a doubt help maintain your flooring as well as keep it looking great.

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Smooth Flooring

Vinyl is the most popular type of flooring for sufferers. It has a sleek and smooth surface leaving no place for dirt and dust to hide. Laminate flooring on the other hand needs no adhesives to be fitted into the area; instead it is installed with an easy click-into-place system. Both of these types of smooth flooring theoretically have fewer causes that trigger allergies.

Hard flooring is also easier to maintain than carpets, especially in high traffic areas. However, be sure to ventilate the home well during and after vacuuming as the particles will travel across your house. Dust and dirt is not retained because of their smooth surface and may be a worry but they are generally less expensive than carpet.

Please check that you are not allergic to synthetic flooring beforehand.

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