Carpet wear & tear experiment

Before buying your carpet have you ever wondered what it would look like in three years time? We have put different carpets to the test!

Looking at the carpet tester images below you will find three samples per carpet. Going from left to right, you will find the first one is a new carpet sample; the second has had 1 year of use; and the third 3 years of wear and tear.




*Image shows Glendale shaggy carpet

After three years of recommended use, the luscious pile of the carpet still looks great although with a slight pile reversal that naturally occurs with daily use and weekly vacuuming.  This Saxony carpet can still be seen to retain its lovely shaggy appearance and home warming properties.




*Image shows Hercules loop pile carpet

This affordable loop pile carpet shows the impact that a high traffic area can have on it after a number of years. As you can see flattening of the loop pile can occur, yet it still has great stain and dirt resistance as well as a comfortable extra backing that’s heavy duty and ideal for busy areas of the home.



*Image shows Rossini traditional carpet

A patterned carpet that’s made from strong Nylon can be seen to withstand high traffic areas with ease. With a minimal carpet colour change it shows the resilience that carpets, which are made from manmade fibres, have. No flattening can be seen and the pattern still looks as good as new.

Our wear and tear experiment marks the importance of choosing the right carpet for your requirements. We always recommend an underlay to go with your carpet. Did you know that it can prolong the life of your carpet by up to 40%?

So, depending on the use and what room the carpet is fitted, it can still look great after years of use!

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