Why carpet underlay is more interesting than you think it is



Think carpet underlay is boring? Well think again – it’s far more interesting (and useful) than you might have realised!

In this post, we explain exactly why underlay is an unsung hero of the home, there to protect your carpets, reduce your heating bills, and make your home a quieter, warmer and more comfortable place to live in.


Carpets need to be able to stand up to regular footfall, and one of the primary purposes of carpet underlay is to protect your carpet so that it can effectively withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

High quality underlay acts as a shock absorber, smoothing out imperfections in the surface of the carpet, reducing wear, extending its lifespan, and leaving it looking better for longer.


Underlay helps to make your carpet feel softer, warmer and more comfortable underfoot, giving your floors a more luxurious feel.

Step foot on a carpet without underlay or one with old underlay fitted, and you’ll definitely notice the difference – it will be harder, with less give, making it much less comfortable to walk on.


Did you know that between 10 – 15% of a room’s heat is lost through the floor? Fitting a high quality carpet underlay acts just like insulation, helping to reduce this heat loss to a minimum.

The thicker and denser the underlay, the better its insulating properties. Whilst it might be a little more expensive to buy, going for a quality underlay with a high tog rating will more than pay for itself in the long run in terms of the savings you’ll make on your heating bill.


Are you disturbed by the patter of feet overhead, or unwanted music and noise from the rooms above you? Fitting thick carpet underlay to your upstairs rooms can provide an effective solution.

Carpets fitted with high quality underlay are up to 2.5 times more effective at blocking unwanted noise than carpets without underlay. Like duvets and thermal clothes, carpet underlay comes with a tog rating, and the higher this rating, the better the thermal and sound insulation, and the warmer and quieter your home will be.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that all underlay is pretty much the same, but in reality, there are a number of different options available, ranging in quality, density, thickness, material and price.

It can be tempting to go for the cheapest underlay you can find, or to try and re-use your existing underlay in an effort to save a few pounds on materials and fitting, but this is rarely the best (or most cost-effective) option in the long run.

As with everything, carpet underlay has a finite lifespan, and opting for new, high quality underlay every time you lay a new carpet will provide better performance and better value over the lifespan of your carpet.


And so ends our exciting journey through the fascinating world of carpet underlay!…

Ok, so maybe it isn’t the most exciting topic in the world – but hopefully, we’ve shown you how important it really is, and the huge difference it will make to your next flooring project.

Head over to our online shop, where you’ll find a full range of carpet underlay, suitable for use around the home. If you’re still not sure which underlay is right for you, head into any of our stores, and our carpet experts will be happy to provide you with expert info and guidance.

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