Is a carpet practical for the bathroom?

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Bathrooms and carpets are a concept that often polarises opinion. Many homeowners fear the practical repercussions of adding this soft floor covering to their bathroom whereas others adore the additional luxury and indulgence it brings.

Here we take a look at the pros and cons of bathroom carpets to help you decide which side of the fence you sit in this big debate.


Unlike bathmats and small, scatter rugs, which can easily be removed and washed or replaced, carpet is a fairly permanent fixture. Over time, mildew, mould and many other types of potentially harmful bacteria can build up as a result of prolonged moisture exposure in this particular room.

While allergens may well be an important health consideration, it’s possible to combat this concern with various carpet treatments that work to prevent microbial production.


Most carpets are not designed to withstand the rigours of water but exposure to moisture in the bathroom is beyond prevention. Carpet fibres and padding can become damaged by water and extensive carpet erosion can even compromise the structural integrity of your bathroom flooring.

From rotten floorboards to deeper structural damage, when considering bathroom carpeting it’s crucial to choose a product that is fit for purpose.

Bathroom carpets need to be stain resistant to handle the everyday wear-and-tear of this heavily trafficked area of the home. Waterproof backing is essential to protect floorboards and underlay from unnecessary damage.

Here at Carpetright, our Ocean collection ticks all the boxes by offering a practical carpet that’s designed specifically for safe use in the bathroom.




Ocean Collection Carpets


While some may not consider a carpeted bathroom to be a pertinent point of purchase, personal preference aside, a well-maintained bathroom carpet will certainly make a style statement.

A soft and fluffy carpet underfoot can add the finishing touch to your blissful bathroom. Our bathroom carpet collection offers an array of contemporary colours to suit any interior scheme. Furthermore, installing a plush pile can help to create a luxurious and unique bathroom interior – particularly when used in a large and lavish room.


One of the most obvious and enjoyable benefits of a carpeted bathroom is the comfort factor. Stepping out from the shower onto a soft, warm carpeted floor can make a world of difference to your wellbeing. Although vinyl flooring can offer a practical solution for bathrooms, the warmth afforded by carpets is a winning factor for many homeowners with the ability to sink your toes into thick luxurious carpet after a long soak in the bath a real luxury.

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A potentially important point for deliberation is the safety of your chosen flooring. If you have small children or much older relatives living in your home, carpeting in the bathroom may offer additional peace of mind where slips and trips are concerned. A carpet made specifically for the bathroom can greatly reduce the risk of post-bath falls from wet and slippery floors.


Whatever your stance on bathroom carpets, there are obvious pros and cons for its use.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to lay carpet in your bathroom is down to personal preference and you must consider whether it creates the right look for your room. If bathroom carpet is your ideal choice, then ensure you select a product that’s fit for purpose and designed to match the specific requirements of this room.

Here at Carpetright, we stock carpets designed especially for bathrooms to eradicate many common carpeting concerns so that you can enjoy the flooring choice you deserve.

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