Carpet fibres explained

The fibres of a carpet can determine the appearance, quality and the feel of your new floor. Different fibres are more suited to certain areas of your home, from resilient and hardwearing fibres in high traffic areas to softer and more luscious textures for occasional rooms. Here is all you need to know about the carpet fibres available at Carpetright…


wool carpet (1)


*Image shows Dakota 100% wool carpet

Wool is the traditional carpet fibre that continues to be popular amongst UK households. It isn’t surprising that carpets have been made from wool for centuries as it has great hardwearing properties that are crucial in a busy home.

Wool carpets have superb resilience, resistance to soiling, stains and even flammability. You will also find that it’s easy to maintain, it’s long-lasting and has natural insulation that’s ideal during cold weather. So, it’s definitely worth your investment.

We often blend our wool carpets with man-made fibres to add durability and strength so don’t be surprised to find a lot of wool carpets that are made partly with synthetic materials.


Velvet twist_0


*Image shows Velvet Twist 100% polypropylene carpet

For great stain resistance, polypropylene carpet fibres are your number one choice. Oftentimes, it can even be cleaned using a part bleach cleaning solution, making it the ideal choice for a busy household. It’s a hardwearing manmade carpet fibre that’s resistant to fading and is, most importantly, affordable.


green california dreams


*Image shows California Dreams carpet

Are you taking the plunge and thinking of buying a bold coloured carpet? Nylon fibres are most likely to be the material that your chosen carpet is made from. It’s the hardest wearing synthetic fibre that has longer lasting appearance.

We hope this guide helps you choose your perfect flooring to feel right at home!

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