Is vinyl flooring the best option for your bathroom?

Vinyl flooring tends to be a popular choice for bathrooms and there are a good number of advantages of what you might choose vinyl over ceramic tiles or even carpet.  The combination of vinyl’s unbeatable practicality with a variety of natural flooring style options means that there is plenty to love about this type of bathroom flooring.



Image: Mardi gras 83 maroc vinyl flooring


a.) Vinyl flooring is  water resistant, which makes it perfect for damp environments such as bathrooms.

b.)  Modern vinyl flooring is designed to be slip-resistant – after all, the last thing anyone needs is to step out of the shower and slip on a wet floor!

c.) Hygiene is very important in a bathroom, so you need a floor you can keep clean with the minimum of fuss – vinyl can be mopped, scrubbed, vacuumed and swept to ensure an easy-clean solution to household chores.

d.) Good quality vinyl flooring will last for many years which makes it perfect for high traffic areas such as a family bathroom.



Image: Platinum shiney metallic vinyl flooring


a.) As well as being practical, vinyl flooring is also available in loads of different styles to offer attractive flooring solutions.

b.) Choose from plain and patterned varieties to suit the décor of your bathroom. The versatility of vinyl also makes it perfect for all size bathrooms, with a style to suit all

c.) Get the look of authentic natural flooring materials such as stone, wood or tile in natural-effect vinyl which is reasonably priced and put a smaller dent in your budget than the real thing.

Can you really question the use of vinyl flooring in your bathroom – it’s a no brainer as there are simply too many advantages to it.

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