Lets face it; wet rooms do look glamorous and classy but they can also be very costly being fully water-tight and tiled from top to bottom. Fortunately, there are alternatives that can still achieve a nice aesthetic and give you some of the practical benefits – such as vinyl flooring which is great in watery environments.



If you’re interested in getting a few of the perks of a wet room but without the cost then read on to find out why vinyl flooring may be the answer you’ve been waiting for.


It is important when considering bathroom flooring to have a wide choice in designs. Your bathroom can be as unique as any other room in your house and should be treated with the same careful thought in design and aesthetic.

Vinyl flooring can offer a wide variety of looks that can perfectly compliment your bathroom. The range offered in  vinyl flooring certainly challenges the tile choice you commonly get in wet room designs –you just wouldn’t put the vinyl on the walls or ceiling!



When designing and installing a bathroom floor, one of the main concerns of homeowners is the durability and resilience of their chosen floor. Especially in a bathroom that will face the wear and tear of water damage and soap scum, you want to invest in a durable floor that will last for years.

Vinyl flooring has great resilience and water resistance and is tough enough to withstand heavy-footed family members and even pet claws! Choose a vinyl with a durable wear layer or PU coating for the most hardwearing surface.


Whilst installing a wet room can be costly and time consuming, vinyl bathroom flooring can be an easier solution. Easy to install and easy to maintain, you’ll be saving a huge amount of time and money by opting for this choice.

If you have a separate shower cubicle, bath and wash basin strategically placed around your room then the water resilience of vinyl flooring will enable you to step straight out of the shower and into your bathroom. You won’t have to worry about water damage or difficult clean up tasks and can instead enjoy the thrill and convenience of a “wash and go” bathroom setup.

As vinyl is  slip resistant, it’s also safe to walk on with wet feet and that means you and the kids can enjoy the freedom of walking around your bathroom immediately after bathing or showering.

You’ll want to arrange your bathroom furniture in a way which is conducive to this set up and may also want to invest in new items to add to the overall wet room look; freestanding roll-top baths and glass shower cubicles with waterfall taps and shower heads are the most obvious options that work well.




It may be obvious but the single most important factor when considering bathroom flooring is it being waterproof. Vinyl flooring is perfectly suited for bathrooms as it is both durable and waterproof when fitted with a waterproof sealant; it will keep your bathroom watertight and is easy to maintain.


You’re at your most vulnerable in your bathroom so comfort is key, you don’t want to have rough flooring that will be uncomfortable under foot or potentially scratchy. Vinyl flooring is comfortable and soft on your feet enhancing your shower experience and making your bathroom a pleasant place to relax.

It’s not always an easy task making your bathroom meet your vision within a budget but vinyl flooring can meet your aesthetic desires and your financial restrictions.

If you are thinking of undertaking the expensive task of installing a wet room, perhaps you’d like to consider the benefits of vinyl bathroom flooring first!

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