Valentine’s Day bedroom ideas

We explore great bedroom Valentine’s Day ideas. From romantic shabby chic interiors to seductive red rose petals that lead to the bedroom from the hall. Make sure that you celebrate love in style this year.

Shabby Chic Bedroom

shabby chic bedroom


First things first, celebrate Valentine’s Day in a tidy home! By using divan beds you will be able to de-clutter you bedroom easily because they come with two, if not four, drawers that provide you with plenty of hidden storage. They come in many styles so choosing one that suits your interior is easy. Do make sure though, that it’s white or off-white because there is no shabby chic interior without a light base to decorate with a pale palette.

If you prefer wooden beds however, we recommend our beautiful frames with curved headboards and footboards. These are contemporary and can be easily decorated with pale pink or red garlands made out of cute hearts and flowers for your Valentine. Simple touches are all that matter, so add a few chic decorations to make your evening magical.

Seducing Your Valentine

romantic bedroom


Treat yourself and your partner to a new sleek modern bed that you will never want to leave. Add soft cushions and plump pillows for ultimate comfort and of course don’t forget your red decoration; such as heart confetti, scented candles and tasty chocolates. A faux leather bed in the midst of dim lighting is sure to lure you and your partner into a luxurious, peaceful slumber.

Tips for Parents on Valentine’s Day

kids bed


For parents who find it hard keeping their children in bed, we recommend buying one of the many fun and super comfortable kid’s beds available. This way, once they are all tucked up in bed, you and your partner can prepare a romantic meal for two and then cuddle up to watch a movie. Give yourself plenty of time to have a romantic night that you will never forget.

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