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update your headboard


If your bedroom is looking a little tired, why not lift its look with the simple, stylish addition of a headboard? Available in an array of dreamy designs, you can boost your boudoir in an instant with a heavenly headboard.

From wood and leather to upholstered designs, there are countless options available in both classic and contemporary styles here at Carpetright. Whether your prime concern is comfort or you crave cutting-edge design, one of our headboards could make a simple yet effective style statement.


Headboards are frequently made to fit specific bed sizes (single, double, king size etc) but the size and style you choose will depend on the look you require for your bedroom. Typically, you can buy headboards to mount to either the bed or the wall.

Wall-mounted headboards offer flexibility and allow you to match an oversized headboard with a smaller bed to create a cool and contemporary feel. Headboards attached to beds via struts are a more traditional choice with plenty of variety in design, material and pattern.


A boldly coloured or patterned fabric creates a striking style statement when used in any element of interior design – but especially when used in headboards. To make your headboard the focal point of your room, choose a brightly coloured, plain design or a design with a bold print and keep the rest of your room neutral – picking out the colour of your headboard in a few choice accessories (ornaments, photo frames and vases all work well).

You can match the colour of your bed frame to the headboard if you want to continue the colour theme and make the whole bed a main attraction.

Strata Drawer Closed Fuchsia (1)

Alternatively, opt for neutral options that use muted tones and subtle designs to blend in with your overall room design. These are great for those who want to create a minimalist look in their bedrooms and allow you to give other features in your room, such as the carpet, the standout focal point.

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Another big decision you’ll need to make when choosing a headboard is over the material. This will have a big influence on the style and appearance so it is something you should consider very carefully.

Unique upholstery

For the ultimate in comfort, a padded and upholstered headboard makes the ideal choice. Whether reading in your room or relaxing with the television, reclining against a padded headboard equals bedtime bliss. Traditional ribbed or buttoned options are available, with a great selection of colour choices, but you can also find plain, smooth designs for something a little simpler.

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Luxurious leather

From smooth faux leather to soft faux suede, bring luxury to your bedroom with a faux leather headboard. Leather suits a variety of design schemes so why not create timeless appeal with a classic, traditionally-buttoned option? Alternatively, choose a smooth, contemporary design free from embellishments for a clean and minimalist look that will suit modern spaces perfectly.

Traditional colours of black, brown, grey and tan are all available in leather headboards but you can also find sleek and subtle colours such as white and cream too. There are also ribbed and pleated options available for those after a subtle design with minimal decoration and you can even find leather bed frames with built-in headboards.



Bedford Faux Leather Headboard

Warming wood

Wooden headboards offer a traditional and timeless choice. Available in a range of designs and finishes, choose from classic and contemporary creations to complement your bedroom design. From country-cottage character to sleek, modern styling, a wooden headboard will bring warmth to any bedroom. Choose between light and dark grains to match the rest of your bedroom furniture and consider whether you want a matching footboard or not.

Remember, due to the construction and assembly of the bed frame, wooden headboards will usually be integrated into the bed itself and not sold separately as an add-on.

Tuscany Single Natural


The same applies to metal bed frames which may also come with integrated headboards. With these designs you can choose between ornate options with decorated bed knobs and scrolling or opt for simple struts with minimal detailing.

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