Unique home office ideas

Do you have a rundown office at home that simply doesn’t match your entrepreneurial flair? We have some unique home office flooring ideas that are sure to make you a trend setter in the corporate world.


Linear 1_1

Jazz up your home office with striped carpet. This bold and brightly striped flooring is right on trend and will help create a dramatic style statement in a place where you’d like to invite clients or business partners. Show guests that you have personal style and are always thinking outside the box through your modern living.

Style Tip: Stripes are perfect for smaller rooms to give the illusion of extra space.


blue vinyl home office


If bright stripes aren’t quite right then why not try colour blocking with a striking solid colour. This vibrant blue vinyl is perfectly set against white washed walls creating a look which is distinctively urban.

Vinyl is ideal for a home office that is in frequent use as it is easy to maintain and clean and will stand the test of time.

Style Tip: Order free flooring samples online first to compare with paint swatches; this will help ensure that your bright flooring will fit well with your walls.


geometric rugs


Complete a stylish home office with an interesting geometric rug. A unique geometrical design is a sophisticated way to add a focal point in the room, giving the space a designer feel and not just a corporate one.

Style Tip: A home office interior shouldn’t need to be dull, so add character to the room with an unexpected feature like a patterned rug.

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