Why is a twist carpet so practical?

Muddy paws and sticky fingers are the bane of the carpet lover’s life. Make your days a little easier with a hassle-free option by choosing twist style, polypropylene carpets which are virtually stain proof with their short-pile finish.

twist carpet dynasty


Image shows New Dynasty twist carpet

They’re ideal for a busy family life! You can keep your carpets looking immaculate without tiptoeing around them. A household with kids and pets can deem carpets to be impractical but with twist carpets, stains won’t stick!

twist carpet Chequers


Image shows Chequers twist carpet collection

These twist pile carpets are hardwearing and easy to look after. The dogs will struggle to make their mark on them and kids needn’t worry about making a mess.

Live your life to the full and don’t be governed by stains; add a twist to your next flooring choice!

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