How to turn your sleeping space into organised storage

The last thing you need after a long day is to have to fight your way across the bedroom floor just to get into bed. Your bedroom should offer you a refuge from the hectic goings on of your daily life; a calm space that you can call your own and a place to relax and get a good night’s sleep.



As the saying goes ‘a tidy desk makes for a tidy mind’ and the same should be said of your bedroom. If your shoes live in a pile along one wall, your book collection is towered up beside your bed or your clothes are hanging from every conceivable ledge then the chances of finding your keys in a hurry are slim to none… and your chance of getting a refreshing full eight hours shut-eye even lower!

Whether you live in a small bedsit or a period style cottage you can never have too much storage. Sometimes you just have to be clever and find creative ways of including it into your living space to reclaim your bedroom as the oasis it should be.

Here are a few simple tips to help you turn your bedroom into an organised oasis of calm.


A storage bed can make a very instant and easy impact on your bedroom space without taking up anymore room. Just because something is out of sight and out of mind it doesn’t mean that it can’t be organised and tidy.

These days, storage beds come in all shapes and sizes without compromising on the quality of the mattress. Three of your main options of storage bed include:

Lift-up mattresses: these offer deep storage space beneath the mattress so that you can make full use of the room available under your bed but without cluttering up the floor

Web Cashmere-2500-ottoman

Divan beds: these feature slide out drawers fitted into the base for a convenient storage solution – especially for bed linen, towels and other bulky furnishings that can get in the way



Grandeur Divan 2 drawers open

Cabin beds: also known as ‘sleepers’ or ‘sleeper beds’, these are primarily children beds and typically feature a raised single bed with integrated storage underneath (storage can feature anything from drawers and shelves to desks and cupboards)




Once you’ve made the most of the space under your bed, it’s time to focus on the walls above it. Overhead shelving systems are a great way to store items which you need to access regularly but don’t want cluttering your floor space.

They can be open units, closed cupboards or a mixture of both and will provide an attractive alternative to a floor-standing unit. Using decorative boxes in open storage cubes will enable you to keep things cleared away whilst also adding a touch of colour or glamour.


One easy way for a small room to feel bigger is by using matching furniture to give a streamlined sense of continuity. Most storage beds come in a range that contains matching bedside cabinets and these provide a variety of storage solutions – open surfaces for trinkets and bedtime reading, and closed cupboard space for larger items.


In small bedrooms every square inch of space counts and that includes the doors! Instead of hanging more and more items of clothing off your wardrobe door consider using an over- the-door hook to hang up any planned outfits or suit jackets. There are plenty of different plastic holders that can be easily affixed to store a range of different accessories and smaller hooks or poles to hang ties and bags.

Being able to close your wardrobe door will immediately make your room look bigger and tidier and also help you to find things easily. For the bedroom door itself, make sure it can open freely and don’t place bulky furniture too close to it – it will only make your room seem smaller and more cramped.


When we think of storage we typically think of putting things behind closed doors but could you turn some of your personal items into works of art instead? Jewellery is a good example here and if you get creative with a picture frame and a piece of screening then you can build a decorative way to hang earrings or necklaces; keeping things organised while also providing a new artistic focal point in your room.

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