Have you just moved or simply looking to freshen up your bedroom? Create your own special room in which you can feel fully tranquil by transforming an old place into a luxurious bedroom. With the right flooring, a comfortable bed and mattress and beautiful accessories that will complete your room, you’re sure to recreate a 5* hotel bedroom that you’ll never want to leave again.

Focus on the Floor

luxury bedroom vinyl


Smooth floors are BIG. With many designs to choose from; such as natural, modern and futuristic designs of vinyl and laminate flooring, you can add a stamp of your own personality and at the same time create a base for the rest of the bedroom interior. Simply add a sumptuous and cosy rug for an ideal luxurious finish.

Luxurious bed

chic bedroom


A comfortable foundation for sleep is crucial to your wellbeing! This means that there is no reason not to create your personal space a place of luxury and indulgence. Add soft cushions, plump pillows and textured covers to a supremely comfortable mattress. But don’t forget that your bed needs to be useful as well as beautiful, so why not make a divan with practical drawers your bedroom centrepiece?


Our favourite easy tip that will help transform an old bedroom into a luxurious new one is to add a large mirror that will reflect the light and make the room look more spacious. Whenever possible, be original and think like an interior designer; add strangely shaped lamp shades for instance or quirky furniture for a unique focal point and create a luxurious bedroom that you can truly be proud of!

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