Top tips on choosing flooring for your bathroom


Usually the smallest room in the house, the bathroom can actually take more planning than any other when it comes to refurbishing.  When you are dealing with a wet area there are a lot of elements to think about; are you happy with the layout as it or do you want to move the bath, shower or toilet? Is it going to be just a simple redecorate or full on renovate?  Will you need a plumber? Do you want to change tiling? What flooring should you choose?

The floor question we can help you with! We’ll try and make it easier for you to make a decision by looking at your options.  When looking at choosing bathroom flooring, the first thing to think about obviously is water.  Your bathroom floor will get wet.  No matter how many mats or towels are put down, the flooring will come into contact with surface water on a daily basis, so it is imperative that the flooring you choose is at the very least splash-proof. With kids taking baths spilling soap suds, toothpaste getting dropped and the usual mishaps that occur in a bathroom, your flooring also needs to be easy to clean.  Plus of course there’s the all-important safety element to think about. Some flooring may look gorgeous in a bathroom, such as ceramic tiles, but as soon as it comes into contact with water it becomes a slipping hazard. The last thing you want after a relaxing long soak in the bath is to go flying and hurt yourself!  There are plenty of flooring options available that have anti-slip properties to avoid that very situation.

Vinyl flooring for bathrooms

Vinyl flooring is perfect for bathrooms.  Comfortable for bare feet, waterproof and slip resistant, it is ideal for wet areas of the home, with no need to worry about slipping. However, it’s also known as cushion flooring with good reason. Should your toddler happen to take a tumble, you can feel safe in the knowledge that they’ll have a soft landing, as vinyl is very bouncy. What about how it looks? The number of designs of vinyl available are seemingly never-ending.  With tile effect vinyl flooring you can get the traditional bathroom look of ceramic, travertine, stone or slate tiles with none of the hassle of fitting or upkeep, or without the cold feeling under your feet.  In fact vinyl is a great insulator of heat so will help to keep your bathroom cosy, and what’s more it works really well with underfloor heating – why not install it and treat your tootsies to an extra warm surface to walk on? Super functional vinyl is incredibly simple to look after and to keep clean.  If it gets dusty give it a quick vacuum and then wash with a mop and it will look as good as the day it was fitted.  So vinyl definitely gets the thumbs up from us when it comes to bathrooms.  But what other choices are there?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Similar to sheet vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles are ideal for a bathroom.  They offer all the same benefits as vinyl but with an even higher end look and feel. Just like sheet vinyl it is slip and splash resistant, super durable and such easy maintenance that if there is an issue, you simply replace one tile, not the whole floor. This luxury vinyl flooring is available in many designs and styles, just like other vinyl, so whatever style you’re looking for to enhance your bathroom, you’ll find it; from wood effects to stone designs. Plus these high-end vinyl floor tiles are so realistic that whatever style you choose, it will be hard to tell it from the real thing.  One thing’s for sure, with LVT your bathroom will have a practical and stunning floor for many years to come.

 Laminate flooring for bathrooms

Laminate flooring has been popular for many years but has not really been thought of as a sensible bathroom flooring.  This is because historically moisture would lift the top layer of the laminate causing peeling.  However, improvements in the production process now mean there is bathroom laminate flooring available, so if you’ve always wanted a wood effect floor in your bathroom, now it can be yours!  Laminate flooring is durable, practical and easy to maintain. It is also warm and cosy under your feet so very comfortable for a bathroom. It comes in countless wood effects as well as stone and tile designs so whatever your style, you’ll find a laminate to suit. With so much choice it’s easy to get carried away, so always be careful when choosing laminate to make sure it is one that is compatible for use in the bathroom.

Engineered wood

Beautiful, sumptuous and luxurious, engineered wood flooring looks gorgeous in any setting.  But is it a sensible option for your bathroom?  Although there may be some available we would not recommend engineered wood for your bathroom, as it is constructed using real wood, and wood and water are not the best combination.  If you really want a wood finish for your bathroom floor, stick with laminates or wood effect vinyl flooring.  As mentioned these realistic looking floor options not only look amazing, they are super functional too.

Carpet for bathrooms

This may be a surprise to some people but there are some carpets available that are suitable for use in a bathroom.  Most carpet will not cope well with getting wet every day and will soon develop damp or even mould from a regular soaking.  However, carpets that are made with a waterproof backing are perfectly fine for use in a bathroom – in fact they have been developed with bathrooms and kitchens in mind.

_0318_Ocean bathroom carpet

So if you love the comfort and warmth that only carpet can bring, but thought it not the practical choice for a bathroom, fear not! Bathroom carpet is available, so you can bring a bit of cosiness into your littlest room.

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