Top 10 reasons why wooden bed frames are best

Wooden bed frames are enduring in their popularity. They have proved successful over the decades and there are many reasons why contemporary consumers still put them at the top of their list when furnishing a bedroom.

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The Hudson bed frame
Here are ten reasons why people keep on investing in a wooden bed frame.

1. Wood matches any décor

Wood suits an adult’s king bed frame as well as a child’s first grown up bed. You could opt for a modern pine bed or, if you feel like being regal, then invest in an antique oak four-poster bed. You can make a fashion statement with your bed or you could just let it be part of your overall décor.

2. Wooden bed frames are easy to keep clean

Wood is an enduring material. There was a time when iron or brass beds were in fashion, but they are difficult to keep clean and, if not maintained well, can look shabby. Wood is far more forgiving – providing you dust the frame and give it the occasional polish.

3. Wooden bed frames are versatile

If you want a sleigh bed or your child lusts after a bed shaped as a car, then a wooden bed frame is ideal. You’ll find that you can invest in a sturdy wooden bed that will suit the imagination of all your children.

4. Practicality is the key with wooden bed frames

Most people hang on to clutter. The big problem with modern houses is that there are limited storage options. If you have a wooden bed frame, you will be able to store extra ‘stuff’ in cool containers under the bed or leave it clear for an elegant and stylish look.

5. Sustainable wood helps the environment

When buying your bed make sure that it comes with a certificate that proves that it’s grown from sustainable wood. The certificate comes from either the FSC or the PEFC. Wood is renewable and plentiful and pine trees grow very quickly, so you won’t be harming the environment if you buy a wooden bed frame.

6. Wooden bed frames last forever

A well-constructed wooden bed frame will last a lifetime. Contemporary frames are sturdy and can withstand frequent house moves as well as the knocks of everyday life.

7. Wooden frames look good

Whether you choose a very plain design or decide to invest in something more opulent, your wooden bed will always look stylish. You can even have the wood painted for something a little different.

8. Costs are low with a wooden bed frame

If you are on a budget, you may well be pleasantly surprised by the competitive price of these beds. A very basic pine bed, with a slatted base is ideal or you might choose a more expensive oak wood bed frame. Whatever you choose, you will be making an investment that is sturdy, stylish and durable.

9. Wooden bed frames are easy to assemble

When you buy a wooden bed frame, you’ll be very pleased to see how easy it can be constructed. Of course you can buy the frame already assembled but if you’re trying to keep costs down, a flatpack bed is the way to go.

10. Wood gives you a wide range of styles

From a child’s cabin bed to an adult’s pine double bed, you’ll be able to source a style that matches your taste and style. You can always find a frame that’s been painted, so remember that wood doesn’t have to come in a natural colour.

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