Vinyl flooring gives you the opportunity to revamp your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in the home on even the smallest of budgets. Giving you the look of real wood, stone or tiles at a fraction of the price, this type of flooring may be cheaper than its natural equivalent but it’s much stronger and more durable too!



Vinyl is designed to withstand the scratches, chips and cracks that you would find on natural floors and is ideal for family homes. Nowadays, contemporary vinyl flooring can match a number of different trends as found in the Carpetright Look Book 2014.

Let’s take a look at some of them.


The first theme we have identified for this year is pastels. However, unlike the soft, powdery pastels that made an appearance last year, these shades are much more subtle and sumptuous. With the right pastel vinyl flooring, you can transform a simple space into a beautiful, tranquil sanctuary.

Our first choice, Bouce 572 Chagall Vinyl, is a beautiful mosaic effect vinyl that would work perfectly in a bathroom, paired with neutral colours. However, Mardis Gras Filez Vinyl (below) is ideal for the kitchen, as it offers the beauty of patterned tiling but is much easier to clean!




Deep and dark colours are considered much more opulent and luxurious than their lighter counterparts. This next trend uses these rich hues to create cosier settings for stylish living areas.

We’ve selected the Mardi Gras Chagall Vinyl, a blue mosaic tile that manages to create a trendy urban look without losing any of its indulgence but the Rhinofloor vinyl ‘Champion Warsaw Grey/Silver’, with its look of real slate, is also a fantastic choice.



Rhino Champion Warsaw Grey/Silver


One hot trend for 2014 is bold colours and striking patterns for a real contemporary feel. If you opt for this theme at home, you will definitely create the wow factor and be the talk of the town.

Both of our choices here replicate real tiles. The first, Platinum Hekto Grey Vinyl is a black, grey, and white colour scheme, which is great for kitchens, while the second, Mardi Gras Dublin 13 Vinyl, is a bold orange that will make a statement in the bathroom.




Another bold fashion statement that we’ve identified for this year is stripes. Whether you want to go for the monochrome look or a much brighter and cheerier look, stripes will ensure your home is bang on trend.

We’ve selected two of the more natural vinyl’s that complement a striped theme: Mardi Gras 75 stripes vinyl flooring and Platinum slim argent vinyl flooring. The former is a colourful stripe effect and the later and the latter much darker.

Vinyl-flooring-289-4 (1)


Mardi Gras 75 stripes


Last, but by no means least, is the woodland theme. These earthy tones work perfectly with natural wood-effect vinyl. We’ve picked one out of the Carpetright Look Book that really brings the outside indoors: Atlas Toronto Wood Effect Vinyl add a rustic feel to your living or dining room but without the hassle of natural wood flooring.



Atlas Toronto Wood Effect Vinyl

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