Three nursery ideas for Spring

Are you expecting or simply redecorating your children’s bedroom this Easter weekend? We have some super cosy and fun décor tips – lets not forget clever ideas too – that are sure to make the cutest, safest and happiest nursery for your little one!


childrens bedroom carpet


Image shows Super Twist

It’s a great idea to choose a luxurious thick carpet in a nursery to add comfort for when the little ones are learning to walk. Beige carpet is a great colour as you know it’s sure to last. It’s also a timeless colour that your child can’t outgrow which means that you can redecorate other parts of the bedroom instead of buying new floor. It comes stain resistant, making your life that little bit easier when it comes to keeping the house clean!


True Colours green vinyl_0


Image shows True Colours vinyl floor

Embrace the pastel trend this spring and take the plunge with colourful vinyl flooring. It’s fun and inspiring, perfect for a nursery that’s full of life and laughter. Did you know that vinyl is super easy to clean and maintain? That means you’ll have an easy job handling those inevitable accidents.


pink bedroom idea

Image shows pink carpet

Most of us love the classical baby blue or pink bedroom ideas so how about doing just that? This lovely pink carpet brings the femininity into any room so why not go all out and decorate it with hearts, soft toys and fairy lights to create a little girl’s heaven.

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