Striped carpet design ideas

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Stripes are so fashionable these days that they can lift any room design!

The trick is to make sure that you get it absolutely right. Stripes are often effective as a way of altering the look of a room. Thin stripes can make a room look longer, while bold stripes give the room a wider feel. Choose the right design for your home.

bold striped carpet


A bold striped carpet, especially if combined with bright colours, can give a room a striking appearance. Pick out a neutral colour in your carpet and use it as the base colour for your walls, curtains, furniture and accessories. If the carpet is too striking, why not tone it down with a plain rug? Bold stripes have a tendency to dominate a room, so add other subtle stripes or patterns and achieve a modern look.


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Subtle striped carpets sometimes need a bit more help to be noticed. Stripes offer the advantage that they usually combine more than one colour, opening up the possibility of using similar colours in your furniture and wallpaper. Perhaps choose one of the stripe colours when painting your walls, and the other colour for your furniture. Don’t restrict yourself to block colours in order to complement a striped carpet. Imaginative combinations can create great results!

Using the striped pattern of your carpet and match your cushions and sofa covers for a fun interior. If you do, place the stripes so that they face the same direction as those on your carpet. Although, the stripes do not have to match exactly as combining stripes of different widths can create a spectacular designer feel.

Have fun with your stripes today and swing by our great striped flooring selection too!

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