Spooky Halloween bedroom decor ideas

Halloween provides a great opportunity to revamp the home with fun, spooky décor – especially if you’ve got kids running about the place!

If you’re looking for a little inspiration this autumn then here are some of the best spooky Halloween décor ideas for the bedroom.

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If budget is an issue, there are a lot of budget Halloween décor tips that can help you save money.

Wall stickers are a great choice – not only are they really affordable but they are also really easy to apply. You’ll find a great selection of Halloween themed wall stickers both online and in themed Halloween stores. Bat stickers are ideal for adult bedrooms, whereas novelty Halloween designs are much more fitting for a child’s room.

Halloween themed bedding is another affordable change you can make. Once you’ve purchased the bedding it can be used year after year. Choose from hundreds of different styles and surprise your child on the actual day; they will love their new updated bedroom!


Just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean you have to stick to novelty décor ideas. If you’re looking for a modern, elegant look it is a good idea to invest in gothic style decorations. You can even make it as simple as changing the bedding to dark or black colours or opting for a metal bed frame with ornate gothic ends.



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Browse online stores for goblets, candles and pictures to match as these will create a more sophisticated bedroom style – perfect for parents.


Some of the best bedroom décor ideas for the kid’s bedroom are fun monster designs. Remember, you want to make it spooky but not so scary that they won’t want to sleep!

A purple monster wreath is a great example. Cover the wreath in fluffy purple fabric and stick large plastic eyes around it. These are readily available in most Halloween stores and can be hung on the front or back of your child’s bedroom door.

Another fun monster idea is to use coloured paper to hang down the top of the door, create two large eyes, eyebrows and stick white tape vertically over the letterbox. This creates a fun monster door and works particularly well on red doors.


​Those on a tight budget can make use of balloon monsters. Simply buy a pack of white and orange balloons and draw ghost and pumpkin faces on them. They can be placed on the floor, on top of a chest of drawers, wardrobes or even on the ceiling if you opt for helium balloons!


If you do have children, chances are one thing they love doing at this time of year is pumpkin carving. Not only can pumpkins help you to bond as a family but they also make excellent Halloween décor. With some supervision let your children carve their own pumpkin and then let them choose a place for it in their room – remembering to get rid of it before it starts to rot!


For Halloween you have two main colour scheme options. For a traditional, fun and light look, choose oranges, reds and general autumn colours. However, if you’re focusing on a classic feel you may want to stick to black and white décor. It is easy to change the bedding, so going for halloween theme would certainly make an impact.


Lighting plays a big part in creating a spooky atmosphere. Adults can get away with tall candles on the floor of their bedroom but if you’re decorating your children’s rooms then electric lanterns and fairy lights that can be hung well out of reach are a much safer option.


If you want your little monster to have a spook bed then drape a red sheet from the ceiling, down each side of the bed or bunk bed. You will be surprised just how much of an effect this can have and if you find the colour or material a bit much then white lace which creates a spider web effect is just as good.

These are just some of the best ideas for decorating your bedroom for Halloween whilst on a budget, so why not get started with some ideas today?

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