Your Snow Kingdom at home

It is mid-winter and snow is upon us! Programs like Dancing on Ice are also at their peak and so we thought we too want to celebrate the frosty January month. Here, we will show you how, by adding majestic white, silver and blue hues into your interior, you can create your very own snow kingdom.

Snow White Carpet

white carpet carpetright


Use a snow white carpet that is as white and impressive as Pamela Anderson’s dress on Dancing on Ice. Although you might think that a white carpet is highly impractical, you are mistaken! We can assure you that some of our light carpets have impeccable stain resistance, especially our 100% polypropylene carpet.  Did you know that our Famous Two Step collection is guaranteed to stay stain free for life?

This way, you can use the white flooring as your blank canvas for creative interior ideas. Design a chic look in your home and add silhouettes that will stand out beautifully with the light background. Transform your house into a wintery home (without the cold!) and enjoy the delightful elegance of this season.

Gleaming Grey Carpet

New Famous Two Step Heather Grey_0


Regardless of the tone of your grey carpet we recommend a simple interior design for your home that is in the 2013 trend. Combine your home’s silver base with white interior; keep it simple and a build your own wintery minimalistic look.

If you are feeling more adventurous however, add purple décor to your grey interior. Allow yourself to focus on the most impressive parts of the room by highlighting it with the icy purple colours around your sleek silver flooring.

Ice Blue Carpet



Blue is a relaxing and calming colour, especially if presented in an icy interior vision. The elegant yet powerful light blue ice effect can liberate individuals within the room. Sense the freedom and rule your own snow kingdom.

The many shades of blue carpet can be coupled with an array of colours, bold and subtle alike. Depending on which you choose to use, you can either create a very contemporary or traditional design in your home. For example, by using white walls and furniture to make the blue carpet stand out you will create an ice room full of modern elegance. Whereas, choosing dusk blue and brown to compliment your new flooring, you will form a room inspired by nature that has a warming and welcoming layout.

Celebrate winter with Carpetright and impress your guests; whatever your style!

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