Love the 60’s? Don’t be embarrassed about it. Having a love for retro doesn’t mean that you’re out of touch with modern life, it just means you love all things classic, timeless and chic. In fact as seen on the catwalks of London Fashion Week for Summer 2015, retro-inspired patterns and shapes were everywhere, letting us know that flower power is definitely back this year.

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When looking for retro interior inspiration, you can take ideas from different periods then mix and match them into your own unique new style for something on-trend but with a look back at times passed. From 60s boho to 70s flower power and 80s monochrome, you can delve as far back as you like with art deco styles and modernist designs from earlier in the 20th century always popular – find your favourite retro feel now.

Add a touch of retro to your dining room

The designs of chairs and tables come and go with fashion trends in the home and the materials and colours that they’re made of change with them. Black cushioning and steel frames sat on top of a cosy deep pile carpet was a big trend in the 80s, whilst in the 60s it was bright reds and greens with simple wood frames that were in vogue. If you prefer a more formal setting for your mealtimes, take inspiration from art nouveau designers such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh who is famed for his more detailed and ornate designs of high backed chairs. It certainly makes an eye-catching dining experience!

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After opening your front door, the hallway and your stairs should always make a fabulous first impression to not only your visitors but also to yourself after a hard day at work. An easy way to get a really authentic retro feel is by carefully choosing colours to match the other elements of your interior design scheme. Consider using retro striped carpets to instantly inject character and create the illusion of space. Geometric patterns also work well and can be introduced as rugs if you don’t want to dominate the space entirely.

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One of the biggest ways that a retro influence can be put to good use in your home is by the choices you make in lighting – and your lounge is a great room to show off your taste. Big round pendant lights hanging in the middle of rooms over patterned carpets scream swinging 60s styling whilst a selection of small ornate table lamps dotted around create a complex arrangement of shadows for a true art deco effect. Neon and plasma lighting effects housed in neo-modernist shapes give an 80s disco vibe to any  room and for the 70s you can use big paper shades and lava lamps instead.

With so much from the past to plunder for your own interior design ideas today, it’s no wonder that retro is one of the most forward-looking ways to create your own unique style.

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