Red carpet ideas

Many of us enjoy watching the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tonys. So why not have your own red carpet scenario in your home. Create an interior full of dramatic and luxurious glamour that you can be proud of and a place that you can show off to your girl friends. Why not dress up and pretend you are celebrities on the red carpet to give yourself confidence for the night out ahead!

Red Carpet for Hall, Stairs and Landing



Roll out the red carpet in your home; your hall, stairs and landing in particular! This way the moment you walk through your front door, you can strut your stuff on your own red carpet and feel special. The red carpet awards don’t have to be only about celebrities, it can also be about you. You can be the trend starter in your circle of family and friends.

Red Bedroom Carpet

Cancun Saxony

As celebrities dress to impress to walk down the red carpet, interiors are predicted to reflect the fun and optimistic colours and patterns of their fashion. You can be the first to create a dramatic and uplifting design, so add vibrant hues to your bedroom. Contrast white or off-white walls with bold red bedroom carpet and divine décor to achieve a glamorous glow. This can be your own intimate place; where you alone are the centre of attention.

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