Re-invent your guest bedroom

Now that 2015 is here, you are likely to start filling up dates in your social calendar, which might include inviting far-away friends to stay over for the weekend. With that in mind, it might be worth considering giving your guestroom a bit of a makeover so that it is guest-ready.
Re-inventing your guestroom doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive though. Here are three ways to ensure it looks fantastic; ready to welcome your seasonal guests.
CR-ED0337 guest bedroom bed


The colour that you choose for your guestroom is crucial. After all, it’s one of the first things your guests will notice.
Block colours are still bang on trend and give a modern, spacious feel but your choice of paint doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep most walls neutral, applying a couple of layers of basic white or cream paint to freshen things up, and then add a bolder colour to one accent wall to create a stylish colour block.
Bold statements are key to this style but if you want to limit the amount of painting then why not hang bright art work on the wall or use coloured headboards to inject some colour instead? They’re much easier to fit and you won’t have to worry about covering everything in paint splatter!


Ensure your guest bedroom looks contemporary and modern with new flooring. Flooring can really brighten up a room and make it feel much bigger – if you get it right. Choose luxury carpet for warmth and luxury or go modern and sleek with laminate or vinyl. You can get wood-effect and oak options that look just as good as the real thing if you want something to suit both modern and traditional tastes.
When deciding on colour, pale flooring will open up the room in comparison to darker shades but the colour of your skirting boards can also have an influence. Remember that your skirting boards should look clean and fresh in order to complement your flooring and white is a classic choice that never fails.


Want a bold guest bedroom? Then brightly coloured furniture is a must. A great way of introducing this is by having a single chair in a bold colour sat in the corner of the room – practical and stylish.
Of course, the most important piece of furniture you will have in the room will be the bed. Divan beds are a great option if you want to keep things clear and uncluttered whilst still having a place to store spare linen and you should ensure the bedding you choose fits with the overall theme of the room too. Try matching your curtains to the bedding to keep everything on theme.
Wardrobes are also important – just remember to clear any of your own clothes you’ve been storing here so your guests can make use of it.
With these three ultimate tips in mind, re-inventing your guest room should be inexpensive and simple to execute.
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