Purple living room interior ideas

Purple is in! It’s a strong feminine colour that can really show off your personality. So if you love purple and want to make it a part of your interior design, here are some decorating, lounge ideas…


purple carpet


Choose purple carpet and make an impressive statement that will be the next talking point of your dinner party. By picking a bold, strong shade you’re being practical too because marks and scuffs will be more easily concealed; ideal for a busy family!


purple furniture


Dramatic, but in a subtle way. Add a pop of purple with beautiful furniture in a room with neutral flooring and walls. It will be your favourite new corner that brings the family together. Simply add comfortable and soft cushions for a welcoming finish.


purple walls


Create a statement wall for a trendy look and complete the room with matching decoration. Make it a lounge that’s unforgettable by guests and family and one that they want to come back to time and time again. Purple comes in many hues, so why not combine two different shades together for a contemporary and luxurious lounge?

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