Personalise a rented property

Making a rented property feel like your own can be difficult. With so many rules set out by landlords it is hard to create a welcoming place that also reflects your personality. We offer simple interior ideas to help you transform your personal space without leaving any traces behind.

Bedroom Ideas

personalise a rented bedroom


Rented properties are, more often than not, decorated in neutral colours from floor to ceiling and from room to room. With so many people to cater for, it’s no surprise that the bedroom is no exception. However, we believe that you can use this to your advantage. Off-white hues mean that you can easily add a pop of colour into your bedroom to portray your personality. Try matching bold bed linen with your curtains for a fun effect.

Also, update and personalise your bedroom furniture. A new bed frame immediately fashions a stylish centrepiece, which without a doubt be the talking point of your next dinner party. It’s also the first thing you see as you walk into the room and therefore it makes a major impact.

Lounge Personalisation

personalise rented lounge


It’s super important to make a place feel like your own… even if it isn’t! So, as finishing touches are crucial, why not consider adding figurines, candles and even lampshades that will shape the interior style of your living room to represent your individuality.

Other simple additions like rugs can be a great way to cover up old flooring that has been used by previous tenants, which has also recently been falling apart. A large rug will cover a lot of space and will unify a section of your lounge – perfect for areas in front of the TV. Whilst smaller rugs can add texture, interest and comfort to your favourite spots. Whatever your taste however, there are a variety of sizes, colours and patterns to choose from so pick out what is in your budget as well as your taste. With this in mind you truly can make a rented property a home!

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