Personalise a rented bedroom

It’s difficult to personalise a rented home and no more so than a bedroom. Most landlords decorate with off-white walls and neutral flooring, making it that little bit easier to add your personal touch to the place. So, first determine your own style and then use our bedroom ideas to help you create a tranquil personal space that reflects your individuality and truly calms you after a long day, and without angering your landlord too!


bedroom white and coffee


Use the neutral background of a rented property as a white canvas to show off your personality. For a sophisticated yet creative look, contrast warm earthy tones of your bedding with the light interior of the room and choose smooth surfaces, such as a metal bed or a sleek chair to add further interest to your new bedroom. Why not complete the look with pastel pink accessories for a beautiful shabby chic bedroom finish?


beige and green bedroom


Decorate your bedroom with soft coloured curtains, vases and ornaments. A subtle, light green is not only soothing but it’s also very on trend. It will reflect nature, bringing the outside into your room to soothe away any worries of your day. However, if you prefer a dramatic look, we recommend that you accessorise the bedroom with bold coloured décor to make instant impact.


traditional bedroom


Use a bed with hidden storage as your room’s centrepiece to transform a bland rented room into a tidy haven for relaxation. Not only will it provide you with a place to store away bed linen and winter clothes but it will create a stylish interior.

If your property came fully furnished though, why not use vintage storage items instead, such as an old suitcase that will make a beautiful focal point in your bedroom as well as a stylishly practical solution.

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